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Monday Musings

Well, Monday, we meet again!  And, again, I have a bunch of random things to share with you.


I love getting snail mail of any variety (ok well not bills or junk mail but you know what I mean) but recently I’ve been a fan of joining in on blogger swaps!  I did Foodie Penpals for a few months, and just recently I was part of the Healthy Living Blogs Tea Swap! I also subscribe to Birchbox* and Julep Maven*, which are both monthly product box deliveries. This weekend I signed up for two other blogger swaps:

kcup swap

I joined the K-Cup swap hosted by Danielle of Its a Harleyyy Life! Though I do often use the refillable K-cups, I love the convenience of the K-cups!  It is always good to have some around for those particularly lazy mornings. (for more info go here.)

KC Gift Exchange

I also joined the Kitty and Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange that is co-hosted by Kelly at kjpugs.  I signed up both Olive and Miss Kitty so I’m pretty pumped to get their matches and buy some fun pet gifts! (more info here)


Last Thursday we made a last minute decision to go see a comedy show from the cast of Bob’s Burgers! I’m not a superfan of the show or anything, but it is pretty funny so I figured it would be worth a shot.  Also, I pretty much always have a good time at comedy show so I figured it would be worth a shot.


It was a pretty good show!  Each cast member did some stand-up comedy, then they did a table read of an un-aired episode, and then there was some time for questions from the audience.  It was definitely a good use of my Thursday night.

My only question: why is there always that one (or few) inebriated person that gets up to ask a “question” during a Q&A and it is either just a declaration of their love for one of the actors or some kind of nonsense that is not at all a question, much less sentences that can actually be understood? Though it is often hilarious, it is also pretty annoying and I’m sure frustrating for those people actually wanting to ask questions.


Yesterday I met up with some other ladies of Wisconsin that took part in Online BlogCon. (Oh, you want to know what Online BlogCon is/was because I haven’t talked about it yet?  Sorry.  It was a blog conference that was entirely online that  I “attended” a couple of weeks ago)  Since the conference is entirely online, the organizers decided it would be a good idea to have smaller state-based meet-ups so that you do get some in-person time as well.  Six of us met for lunch at Delafield Brewhaus (review to come)and had lots of great discussion about blogging. Sara of Tasty Sweet  was very kind and even brought these cute recipe cards and clips for everyone!

 Blog Con Meetup


Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! (if you haven’t already 🙂 )

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

 *Full Disclosure: These are affiliate links and I will get rewards points if you use them to buy something but I am not being compensated by them in any other way.

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  1. awww yay! I”m so happy you joined! (: Thankssss!

    • I’m so glad you are hosting it! After I saw you comment about a k-cup swap on the HLB tea exchange post I was hoping you would!

  2. YAYYY kitty & canine! Thanks for posting!

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