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Cheesy Italian Seasoned Snack Mix

Last weekend I started making some of my contributions for Thanksgiving ahead of time.  If it is possible, I am a big fan of making things ahead so that I’m not scrambling and running to the grocery store the night before Thanksgiving.  I had quite a few recipes on my to-make list, but I decided to start with what seemed like the easiest ones that I could make ahead of time. I had bookmarked this Cheesy Italian Seasoned Snack Mix recipe from SavvyEats last year and never got around to making it, so I decided that would be the first thing I’d make this year. (find the recipe here)

As suspected, the recipe was incredibly easy and foolproof.  I may have had a bit of a garlic powder and cheese powder explosion while making it, but it didn’t seem to hurt the recipe at all.  Just more flavor, I suppose!

Italian Snack Mix

While this was baking it smelled delicious! All of the spices blended together made it smell like a delicious Italian meal was being made in my oven. Since the smell was so pungent I was afraid the mix would have a very strong flavor as well (also because of previously mentioned garlic and cheese powder explosion) but it wasn’t actually all that strong.  I mean, it was flavorful, but not overwhelmingly, I was mostly afraid that the garlic would be too much.

Ease: A+, incredibly easy, I even feel like the measurements didn’t really need to be very exact.
Taste: A-, It wasn’t bad at all, I’m just not a huge fan of this type of snack mix.  My husband and coworkers seemed to really like it though!

Would I make it again? Yes.  As I said, I intended to make this batch to take to Thanksgiving at my parents house.  Then the husband ate some, and I brought some to work, and I ate some.  I will definitely need to make another batch before Thanksgiving – good thing it is so easy to make!

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  1. all of our thanksgivings are at our parents’ or grandparents’ houses and it seems like everyone in our family has things down to such a routine that i never have to contribute anything.

    i think it’d be fun to prepare a thanksgiving dish, but it’s nice not to have to worry about it, too!

    • That sounds so nice to not have anything to worry about! I only have to make something for one of my Thanksgivings, but I don’t mind it. It isn’t usually anything traditional, but I like knowing there will always be something that I like on the table!

  2. Yes please-we would love it!

  3. This looks pretty simple as well as tasty! Reminds me of the chex mix my dad always makes for Christmas. SO good!

    • It is SO easy. You could totally make it. I feel like it has a holiday feel too for some reason, maybe since there are always tons of snacks around during gatherings and some type of chex mix is a pretty standard snack?

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