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Whole Grain Banana Spice Muffins

What do you do when you have over-ripe bananas?  Some people freeze them for smoothies, other people use them to bake with.  I’m on the baking end. While I do enjoy bananas in my smoothies, I more often than not forget to use the frozen banana until it has been in the freezer for way too long.    I also really enjoy banana based baked goods.

Last week, I had a couple of bananas that needed to be used, so I decided to make some banana muffins.  I found the recipe for Whole Grain Banana Spice Muffins from How Sweet it Is.  With the recipe, Jessica also glazes hers with a brown butter glaze.  While that does sounds pretty delicious, I opted to go without the glaze in an effort to make them as easy as possible, and not make them super rich. You can find the recipe here.

Banana Muffin

The recipe was your standard mix wet, mix dry. mix together type recipe, pretty simple.  The y tasted good.  They weren’t very strongly flavored, but the spices in them gave them a delicious and slightly different flavor. Maybe it was the cardamom since I don’t often use that spice? I will be using it more often now that I bought some and don’t want it to go to waste since it is a bit pricey!

 Banana Muffin

I ate these for breakfast a couple of times, and they were delicious.  They were definitely a good choice for something that is not super sweet.

Ease: A, pretty simple standard recipe
Taste: A, good.  Simple, but well spiced.

Would I make them again?  Yes, I think so!  Maybe next time I will make the browned butter glaze as well.

Have you made anything with cardamom before?
Do you have any favorite recipes that use that spice?  Please share!

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