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Peppermint Bark Cookies

Yes, two cookie recipes in a row.  Tis the season  I guess!

This recipe is almost as easy and delicious as the first recipe.  Ok, it is as delicious as the first recipe and almost as easy.  You can find this recipe over at A Southern Fairytale, here.


This recipe also features a cake mix base – this time chocolate devils food cake.

Mine don’t look quite as pretty since I didn’t plan so well and happened to not have any white chocolate, but they still taste as good!  One thing that I really like about these is that she uses crumbled Candy Cane Hershey’s Kissses instead of actual candy cane.  I don’t always love the crunch and texture that candy cane brings to a cookie, so this was a good solution to that.

Ease: A-, there is a little bit of work involved with melting the chocolate and chopping the candy, but not too bad.
Taste: A, delicious!  The texture of the cookie is good and the flavor isn’t super rich.

Would I make them again? I think so! They are fairly easy and looks so pretty.  They would make a great gift or contribution to a holiday party.


Hopefully all of my Madison area friends made it through the blizzard yesterday!  We had the most snow that I’ve seen in a very long time.  Thank goodness for the snow blower!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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  1. These are my favorite so far this year. They keep well also. Batch number 2 may be baking today.

  2. Hi Kelly Perry! I am excited to read more about what you have to say!! Loved your gingerbread house!

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