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Product Review: Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System

Full Disclosure: I was given this water filter to try and review as part of my work with Healthy Living Blogs.  I  am not being compensated by this post and the opinions are completely my own.

A few weeks ago I was given a Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System to install and try, as part of my work with Healthy Living Blogs.  I was excited to try this because my picky tastes are not spared even with water.  There are varieties of bottled water that I do think taste good, and even some regular water (especially I’ve found at some hotels) does not taste good to me.  While my water from the faucet at home tastes fine to me, I can imagine that this little device would be helpful to filter out those bad tastes if they were there.

The other reason why I wanted to try this is maybe the most obvious: for the filter.  I’ve tried using water bottles with filters and filter pitchers, but those never seemed very convenient for me to use. Since this filter is installed as a dedicated faucet on your sink, it seemed like it would be much more convenient to use with any water bottle or glass that I wanted to put the water into.  I’m not great at hydrating as it is, so any little thing that I can do to make it easier always helps.

After installing the filter (er…the husband installed it, I can’t take credit for that!) and using it for the past few weeks, I thought it was about time I gave it a review.  In an effort to keep my post from being too all over the place, I thought I’d break it down with some pro’s and con’s.


Pro: My water is cleaner when using the filter.  The version of the filter that I got to try (one of the higher end varieties) filters out sediment, chlorine taste and odor, and various other toxins.

Con: The installation is not so easy – and it will probably a different experience for every sink.  I guess I should have known that the claim that it is “easy to install” is relative to other filter systems, not just that it is super easy in general.  The installation was a bit more complicated than we expected. The two big things that were the most difficult: screwing in a filter basically blind between the bowl of the sink and the wall is tricky, and we had to get an adapter to hook it up to our plumbing because it was a slightly different size than the package came with.  It should also be noted that we ended up putting the faucet in an existing hole in our sink rather than trying to drill through to make a new hole…I’d imagine that isn’t an easy task either.

Pro: Better tasting water.  Even though the filter claims it filters out all of those things I mentioned before, the fact that it actually tastes different makes me actually believe it does.  To me, the difference in taste is proof that the filter is doing its job and actually making a difference in my water quality.  And, for the record, it does taste noticeably different, but not in a bad way.  Also, as I mentioned before, if I didn’t like the flavor of my tap water to start with, this would definitely be a worthy investment.

Pro: The built in faucet is better than filter pitchers and water bottles because you aren’t limited to using certain containers. One of the reasons why the pitcher and water bottle with the filter never worked out for me was that after the fun of the new product wore off, or the refrigerator ran out of space, I would get lazy and stop using the specific containers.  With this product, the dedicated faucet is inches away from the one that you would normally use for water.  It is an easy switch to make (hopefully long-term) when you don’t have to use a specific container for filtered water.

Overall I am happy with the filter, even though the installation was a bit more of a project than we had initially anticipated.  It is a great healthy home improvement.  The product itself is not inexpensive, (prices vary per version, but the one that I received retails for just over $100) but I think if you consider the health benefits and compare it to other filter solutions, it isn’t unreasonable.  Personally, I’d rather pay a bit more for something that I know I will use more often and will last longer rather than something that is just a temporary solution.

The hardest question for me to answer for this product, and what I always ask myself when a product is given for me to try: would I have bought this for myself? Off the shelf, for that price, I’m not sure that I would.  However, like I mentioned before, I think it is a better solution for me than more pitchers and water bottles with filters.  The price might make it a little bit difficult to buy at first, but  I think if I looked over my other filter options I would realize that a little bit higher price for a more useful (and hopefully longer lasting) product would be worth it.  Filtrete does make other less expensive drinking water systems that don’t involve a separate pitcher to filter, so I might consider those as well if the cost was that much of an issue.

Thanks again to 3M and Filtrete for sending me this filter to review!

Do you filter your water?
Are you picky about the taste of your water like I am?

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  1. great review, lady!

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