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101 in 1001 update

Its been a while since I’ve updated you on progress that has been made to my 101 in 1001 list.  The last time that I did a proper update may have been almost a year ago….oops.   Well, not a ton of progress has been made.


#21 – Cook my husband bacon.  Yep, I did it.  It wasn’t all that fun really, or easy.  I thought cooking bacon in a skillet was supposed to be super simple?  I definitely had to use a cookbook to help me figure out what the heck I was doing.


 #87 – Leave a 100% Tip.  The husband and I were out to dinner shortly after Christmas and our waiter was clearly having a rough night.  Nothing went wrong at all with our meals, but he had a few other tables that clearly were not making it easy on him.  The husband suggested that he wanted to leave him a 100% tip.  It seemed like a great way to show appreciation and brighten his day, so I agreed as well.

Hope to do in 2013:  (my 1001 days technically ends on October 12, but if I can fit some of these things in before the end of the year I will still be pretty happy about my efforts)

#8 – Learn how to crochet.  I’ve been loving knitting recently, and I think it is maybe time to try something new with yarn.  I’m just torn about whether I want to take a class, or if I can just watch some instructional videos and pick it up. Hmm.

#12 – Take a photo of Olive every month for a year and then turn it into a calendar.  This one really should be easy.  I take plenty of photos of her as it is, I just need to set aside the best ones every month so that it is easy to make them into a calendar at the end of the year.

#29 – Plan our next big vacation.  Last year we got passports, this year I think it is time for a big vacation.  The husband and I really haven’t been on a vacation together in a few years (we used to go on a vacation pretty much every year)  I’m not sure where or when the actual trip will be yet, but I sure am looking forward to planning it!

#37 – See Wicked.  It is coming to Madison this Spring.  I really hope I don’t somehow miss getting tickets!!

#51 – Do a Day in the Life Blog Post.  I’m not sure how I haven’t done this one yet, but I’m hoping I can get it crossed off this year.  Maybe even more than once!

#74 – Go strawberry picking.  I really wanted to go last summer but the time frame for picking was so short due to the drought and hot weather we had.  Hopefully I have better luck this year!

There are also a few that I think are pretty much going to stay incomplete at this point, unless some kind of magic happens, but  I’m ok with that.  The point of this list was to give me some guidance and inspiration and it has definitely done that.  1001 days (over 3 years!) is a long time to commit to so many things, and so many things can change in that time as well.

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  1. We could do a blogger berry picking trip!

    • That is a great idea Nicole!! Hopefully at least one of us can remember that when berry picking season comes around 🙂

  2. Good luck with knitting! I would recommend starting with a book and then going on to a class if you are struggling. I taught myself to knit but I admit that I don’t do it with the proper technique, but it still works. It’s a great stress reliever. 🙂

    • Yeah I pretty much taught myself to knit too! For some reason I feel like crochet will be harder than learning to knit – though I’ve heard that either one seems harder if you already know how to do the other 🙂 I suppose the first step would be to actually TRY teaching myself!

  3. are you going to wicked with spencer? if not, i’ll go with you! brad won’t go with me, but i REALLY want to see it!

    • I’m sure he would go see it with me if I really wanted him to, but I bet he would be pretty happy if I decided to go with someone who actually wanted to go! 🙂

  4. I can crochet (very, very basic stitch) but I haven’t been able to master knitting. Wicked was awesome – even though we drove to Ohio & saw it in a not very impressive theater 🙂

    • Very few people that I know either crochet OR knit, not usually both. Funny how that is.

      I’m SO excited for Wicked. So excited.

  5. WHAT, Wicked is coming back?? Hmmm! My husband refused to go with me last year but then regretted it, haha…maybe I can convince him this time.

    I want to learn to crochet too–let us know if you find some good learning tools! 🙂

    • YES! End of May/June. I missed it last time too, so I’m pumped! (Asuuming tickets don’t sell out or something before I get them I suppose)

      I’ll definitely let you know if I find any good crochet tutorials!

  6. My husband taught me to crochet and to knit, I have found crochet to be easier. I kept skipping stitches while knitting. Good luck learning. I always try to learn the free way then if I suck, I buy books. My favorite crochet book is The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Margaret Hubert.

    And I don’t know where I found your blog but I did and I love reading it. I have tried to start Project Life many times and failed. I love looking at your completed spreads. 🙂

    I was born in Madison and grew up just north of Green Bay. I moved to Utah for school and ended up getting married. 🙂 I like reading about things you do in Madison, it makes me feel a little closer to home.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the kind words Bry!

      Thanks for the recommendation for a crochet book, I have a feeling buying a book will motivate me better than searching the internet where I’m sure I’ll just get distracted by other things instead of actually learning to crochet 🙂

      Don’t give up on project life! Start at some point that you can really make it a routine and hopefully it’ll just blend into your daily activities….or at least that is what I’m hoping will happen 🙂

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