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Project Life Week 2 {January 6 -12 2013}

If you are not familiar with Project Life, it is a simplified way of scrapbooking that uses pre-formatted pages and pieces, with room for your own details.  I keep many little things like movie tickets, hotel keys, cards, and other trinkets so I’m hoping this process will give me an outlet to put those to use rather than just throwing them all in a box “to scrapbook later.”

For more information about Project Life go here.


Week 2 of project life! This week was not quite as quick and easy as last week since there weren’t any big holidays or trips or anything like the first week so it was a bit more challenging to come up with things to fill the pages, but I made it work. Hopefully the weeks will come easier when I just get in the mindset of documenting more little things.


(click photo to enlarge)

The left side includes the insert from my Love with Food box (I got a deal on a 3 month subscription, this is month 2), a chocolate wrapper, and some photos.


Some details


The right side includes a sad, sad, Packer game….I saved a large spot for it in hopes that it would be a win, but no such luck. It also includes my monthly massage, trying to learn entrelac knitting, a couple of new stamps that I bought from Elise’s shop, and the insert from my Julep Maven Box! (I get points if you sign up through my link and use referral code 5467847)


Some details



For the record – we got about halfway through the directions for entrelac and realized we had screwed something up along the way, so we had to start over.  People always say that it isn’t difficult….so maybe the directions are just confusing to understand, because it definitely is not easy!

Hope you all had a great week!

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  1. great layout! i love elise’s stamps! i kind of want them all… 🙂

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