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New Foods I’m Loving: Odwalla Fruit Smoothie Blends

Full Disclosure: I paid for this product with my own money and am not being compensated for this post.  As always, the opinions are completely my own.

The thing that I am the least picky about (ok, maybe besides bread) is fruit.  There aren’t many fruits that I don’t like, AND fruits are a healthy choice, so trying new ones, and eating them often, is a good choice.  The only thing about fruit is that it goes bad…sometimes very quickly.  I know, some people get around this by freezing it while it is ripe to use later, but that just doesn’t work well for me.  Once something is in my freezer, it does not get eaten in the near future.  Out of sight, out of mind I guess.

One of my favorite ways to eat fruit (other than just fresh, as it is) is in juice and smoothie form. I prefer my smoothies with as much fruit as possible – preferably 100% fruit product.   I’m not a fan of dairy or other milky substances in my smoothie.  I’m not really sure why, I just prefer the texture of the fruit rather than the creamy texture I guess.


When I found the Odwalla smoothie and juice beverages a while back, I was impressed.  I was afraid that they would be a super sweet, sugar filled (with a little bit of fruit) concoction, but they are pretty much the opposite. My current favorite, the Berries Go Mega is 98% juice/puree blend..  It is delicious.  I love the juice/puree blend because the texture isn’t super thick, but it is more satisfying and packs more of a punch than drinking just juice.  I also love the illustration on the side of the bottle that tells you exactly what fruits you are eating.


Not only does this beverage taste delicious, and is healthy, but there are some extra things that make me love Odwalla so much.

1) The bottles.  The 12oz  size is perfect – I never feel like I am sick of it and struggling to finish the last gulps (yes, this does happen with other larger smoothies sometimes) and they are great to pick up at the airport and stash in my bag to drink during the flight.  Their bottles are made from plants – derived from sugar cane apparently – so they are completely recyclable and made from a fast-growing, earth friendly crop.

2) They give back.  Odwalla contributes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They also donate to the Organic Farming Research Foundation and Conservation International every year.  They also donate 10 cents from every 12 oz. Mango Tango smoothie to the Haiti Hope Project which helps Haitian farmers sustainably grow mangoes, creating  opportunities for their families and their country.

Taste: A+, Really delicious, healthy, and satisfying.
Cost: A, sure maybe I could make my own smoothie for less, but they are a great way to get in those servings of freggies (fruits and veggies) even when I am feeling lazy!

Would I buy it again?  Absolutely.  I’m also a big fan of the Strawberry C Monster, and I really want to try the Mixed Berry Shuffle!

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  1. i love the Odwalla brand!! I usually drink one of their smoothies when I’m starting to feel a cold coming on. [I depend heavily on the “get all the fruit and veggies in whatever form you can into your body” philosophy.

    I haven’t had the Berry’s Go Mega flavor yet – I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

    • Yes, I do the same thing when I feel like I’m getting a cold!! Especially when I’m at work it is much easier for grab a beverage to sip on rather than dealing with whole fruit.

  2. Have you tried the Red Rhapsody smoothie yet? It’s pretty new, I believe, and I think it’s just scrumptious! What makes it especially unique is that they add the juice of 2/3 of a beet, which gives it that deep reddish purple color. It’s so delicious and thirst quenching on a hot summer’s day. And yes, I too love the “What’s inside?” on the label.

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