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Resolve to Get a Monthly Massage

Now is the time of year when everyone is making resolutions to be healthier, happier, more active, and whatever else they think needs to improve in their lives.   I’m not big on resolving to do any major changes at the time being, but I have made a few changes over the past years have made an impact on my health and happiness.  One of those is deciding to set aside time and money and get a massage every month.

Last fall, I decided to commit to getting a monthly massage.  I was getting a massage at a local salon and spa and saw a sign for a package that offered discount massages every month if you committed for a year.  I saw it as I walked in, but I had never gotten a massage there before, so I did not make the decision to commit right away.  If you have had massages before, you know that the person giving the massage plays a big factor on how effective the massage is.  I have definitely had some bad massages – well not my style at least – and up until this point I hadn’t found anyone that was so great I wanted to go back to every month.  The massage that day was great. It was deep tissue – but not so much that it was painful – and it was relaxing at the same time.  She used pretty much only essential oils (Aveda, my favorite!), so I didn’t come out feeling like I needed to shower because of the greasy, gooey lotion that they use – definitely a win! Added bonus: the location is not far from my house. I was definitely happy with this massage.


So, as I was getting dressed and ready to go, the thought of the monthly massage crossed my mind again.  I had talked to Holly in the past about how beneficial monthly massages were for her, and I really thought they might be beneficial to me too.  I just never found any person or place that I liked enough to consider going back to.  This time I had, so when the receptionist asked me if I had heard about their monthly program, I found out some more information and then agreed to sign up.  I don’t know what it was about that day that made me finally pull the trigger, but all of the factors aligned for me to feel good about going for it.

That was back in October.  Last week I had my January massage, which would make that four months in a row of massage.  It really has been amazing – and for some reasons that I wasn’t really expecting.

  • The obvious – having to do nothing but lay on a bed for an hour.  Nothing like scheduling an hour of guaranteed relaxation.  I can’t check my phone every three seconds for tweets/emails/blogs.  I’m not flipping channels trying to find something on TV.  I’m not staring at my computer thinking that I should blog but not knowing what it should be about.  I’m simply laying in a state of calm. It doesn’t always start 100% calm, but by the end I am definitely calm.
  • Another obvious – massaged muscles.  Maybe I’m just old, but even if I don’t do any type of strenuous activity, massaging my muscles feels good.  Like I mentioned before, the person that I see does a deep enough massage for me to feel an impact, but I don’t feel like I will be bruised from it. I always feel less sore and like my muscles are more relaxed when I come out of a massage.
  • Ideas for dealing with stiff/sore/tight muscles at home.  This is definitely something that I wasn’t thinking I would get out of having a regular massage.  My massage therapist is really great about not only telling me what parts of my body seemed tight, but she also suggests things that I can do at home to remedy the situation. I’ve used my foam roller and have been stretching more in the past few months that I have in quite a while.
  • Accountability.  One of the first things that she said to me, after suggesting some things for me to work on at home, was how me doing things at home benefits both of us.  It makes the massage much easier for her if my muscles are looser, and it makes my body happier.  In order for her to do her best for me, I need to help her out by doing stretches and things at home.  It makes complete sense.  I want to get the most out of my massage, so I try to do what I can to help her out.
  • “I don’t have time” is not an excuse.  $59 comes out of my account on the first of every month.  If I don’t go, I still am paying for it, so I have to make time!  Scheduling relaxation time is definitely the way to go.  They do carry over every month if I don’t use them, so I guess I could skip and use it later if I was really in a pinch, but it really just doesn’t make sense when the money is already gone

Overall I am very happy with my decision to get monthly massages.  I highly recommend it to anyone who can benefit from some scheduled relaxation.  Sure, it might be hard to justify setting aside that much money a month, but do you pay more for healthier foods?  Do you take yoga classes?  Are you a part of a gym? Spend money on fancy work out clothes? I feel like this is along the same lines of money spending.  For your health.

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  1. I think this is an amazing idea! You’re right – we spend money on everything else, why not a massage? Plus, $59/mo is totally reasonable. I’ve been meaning to make an appt for two months and just haven’t done it.

  2. Those are all very good reasons to get a monthly massage! I keep putting it off for myself even though I have a lot of upper back/neck pains. I really need make time for relaxation!

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