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FoodFash’s Slow Cooker Chili

A couple of years ago, I discovered chili.  I mean, its not like chili was a whole new concept for me, but I discovered that I actually really like it.  Back in 2010 when I first made Easy 5 Step Chili, it was kind of like a switch turned and I became obsessed.  We made that chili so many times that winter that I pretty much memorized the recipe.  The last two years the chili has been back in rotation during the winter months, and I still love it.

This year, we’ve been trying to switch up the chili choices.  (I’m pretty sure the Husband is sick of the same semi-boring chili every time)  We made that same 5 Step Chili and substituted steak for the usual ground chicken and it went over pretty well!  I’m looking for an actual recipe using steak so if you have one send it my way!!

Last weekend, Kristin over at FoodFash posted a slow cooker chili recipe.  It was too easy and good looking to pass up, so we ended up trying that out as well.  We swapped the ground turkey for ground chicken, and made a couple of other small changes to adjust it to flavors I think I like. (i.e. less beans and cayenne, more cumin, chili, and cocoa) (find the recipe here)

foodfashchili(Yeah, I like some chili with my cheese)

It turned out well!  I wasn’t sure about just putting the ground chicken in there to cook, but it worked well.  Super easy too – as if the 5 Step Chili wasn’t easy enough, this one is even easier.  It does need to cook for 4 hours, so you have to plan ahead a bit, but the simplicity of throwing everything into a pot and doing nothing else is pretty great.

Ease: A+, super easy.
Taste: A, delicious, and easy to adjust things to fit your tastes!

Would I make it again? I think so. At least now I have a basic slowcooker chili recipe that I can use in a pinch if I don’t feel like getting creative on the stovetop.

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