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Project Life Week 3 {January 13-19, 2013}

Week 3 of Project Life!

projlifewk3full(click photo to enlarge)

At the beginning of this week, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fill the spread.  It just seemed like such a normal and boring week that I didn’t have any idea what would be worth putting in there!  But, as you can see, things came together and I managed to fill the book.  This project has really taught me to embrace the little things that make up my days.

Another thing I realized this week? Birchbox and Conscious Box have very similar logos! If you look at the photo below, Birchbox is the top right, and Conscious Box is the middle left.  This Birchbox happens to be my last one (for a while at least).  I had a subscription for a year, and as much fun as it is to get mail, a lot of the samples don’t get used and I just don’t think it is worth spending money on it anymore. The Conscious Box that I got in the mail was a Christmas gift, and it was packed full of goodies! I’m not going to sign up for my own subscription right away, but it might be a possibility in the future.


Some details.


The penguins actually are from a card that we got.  This is exactly the kind of thing that would’ve just been stashed in a pile if I hadn’t had this scrapbook to put it in!  Also worth noting – the Echinacea Plus tea that you see in the photo is not because I am sick, but because I am doing everything in my power not to get sick.  So far it is working. (knock on wood!)

The second half of the week includes a knitting project (I’ve thought about recapping my knitting projects on the blog.  Would anyone like to see that?  Should I just start another crafty focused blog?), some new washi tape – well, my first washi tape of what seems to be an up and coming addiciton, my first run of the year, and an adorable pug stamp.


Some details.


So yep, yesterday it was 45 degrees outside and I took that opportunity to run for the first time since September!  It was a little rough, but overall a good run and I’m glad to be back at it though the high temperatures this week don’t look so good for me getting back out there again soon.

Also included on this spread is an adorable tag and thank you not from Lydia and Pugs that came with my super cute pug stamp that I ordered!!

I still am not loving how my photos of the project turned out, but they are getting better, and hopefully will get even better as the weeks progress.

Hope everyone had a great week!

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  1. i love love love that chili bowl with the spot for crackers. and cute cute cute week 3! i just FINALLY took my photos of my 2013 cover page + weeks 1 & 2. must.share.soon.

    • I know, isn’t that bowl awesome, it’s from Uncommon Goods! Can’t wait to see your layouts, I’m excited to see the seafoam kit in use!!

  2. yes on the knitting recaps!! i think it would be great to see your review of patterns/yarns/needles/etc, too [grade them similar to recipes? with a “could heather do this project” consideration? 😉 ]

  3. It is the details of an ordinary week that makes this project fun. Love that bowl with the slot for crackers.

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