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Restaurant Review: Weary Traveler

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money, am not being compensated for this post, and the opinions are completely my own.

Last weekend we went out to lunch with my parents.  They had been to Weary Traveler a few times before, and we had been wanting to go there, so that is where we went.

The restaurant is cozy! The atmosphere is very relaxed and eclectic – which fits well with the atmosphere of the Williamson Street area where it is located.  I wish I would’ve taken photos of the decorations on the inside, because it is pretty entertaining to just look around at the variety of paintings, prints, and other artifacts around the restaurant.

The Weary Traveler is known pretty widely for their Bad Breath Burger….but since I’m not a burger person, I opted for a brunch option.  I got the eggs, potatoes, and toast.


My photo is not so great, I know, the lighting is pretty dim in there, and honestly it wasn’t very pretty looking to begin with.  It was tasty thought!  The bread was a thick texas toast like bread, and the potatoes were seasoned well – full of garlic and some other flavors that I can’t point my finger on what exactly they were.  What I didn’t like so much about the potatoes was that they were swimming in oil.  Luckily, the flavor was so good that I just shook a bit of the oil off of them and ate them anyways. Also – the portion was huge!

 Overall the meal was good, the portions were hearty, and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.  The service was a bit slow – but they were busy, and the atmosphere is pretty casual, there was just no rush to get things done quickly it seemed.  Not a huge deal, just don’t go there if you have  a strict time limit.

Taste: A-, though it was a bit more oil on my potatoes than I prefer, the rest of the meal was pretty tasty.
Cost: A, my meal cost $7.25. Considering they locally source as much as possible, and the size of the dish, I’d say that is definitely reasonable.

Would I go there again? Hmm.  I think so!  I would like to try a non-breakfast item, and I do love that they have so many locally sourced items!

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  1. Dan was just saying this weekend that he wanted a Bad Breath Burger!

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