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Five {MORE} iPhone Apps I’m Loving

A while back I shared with you Five iPhone Apps I was loving, so now that its been a while (um, whoa apparently its been over a year!) I figured I’d share some more!



Alicia introduced this one to me, and it is so fun!  You link it to your social media accounts to the app and each day it shows you what you were doing/saying/posting in years past.  I wouldn’t even say that I am that regular of a Facebook/Foresquare/Instagram user and there are still things for pretty much every day, I’d imagine it is even more fun!   You can also share your posts with friends via Twitter, Facebook, or just the Timehop dashboard for your other friends with Timehop to see.  What I like a lot about it i that you don’t have to share your old posts with anyone.  It isn’t like Facebook where everyone can see whatever shows up, you have to share it for everyone to see it.

2.Facebook Pages


Facebook pages makes it much easier to post to your various Facebook pages than the normal Facebook app.  You can also get alerts and/or notifications when there are new comments and posts on your page, which is helpful to have timely responses.  Basically you can do everything with this app that you could do with the full web version of Facebook.  If you have more than one page that you are an administrator for, it is very easy to switch between them as well.  If you an admin to a Facebook page (or a few) and have a smart phone,  you should have this app, it will make life easier.

3. Flow Free


Really, there isn’t much to say about this one.  Simple little brain teaser game that involves just enough thinking for me to stay interested but not get super frustrated right off the bat.  There are pairs of colors all over the board and you have to draw a line and match them to each other.  There are varying difficulties that you can play, or you can just play them all in a row and they will get harder as you go along. It is also very easy to play for two minutes at a time if you just need to kill some time.

4. WordPress


If you blog through WordPress, you should have this app.  I don’t use it very frequently, but it does come in handy sometimes.  I use it whenever I go on a trip to do quick photo blogs (see my “via iPhone” posts)  It also now will notify you when you have a comment on your blog and it is really easy to check the comments and approve them if necessary right on the app.  I’ve never written a full post on it, but it is good for maintenance related things, and when I don’t have computer access.

5. Google Drive


I feel like this app might deserve its own post, I love it that much.  I use Google Drive  all the time on my computer, and when I recently started using it on my phone as well, I fell more in love.  It used to be that you could view the documents that you had already started writing, but not really do much else.  Recently though, I started using it again and now, you can do MUCH more.  You can create new documents, edit documents, view documents, upload files, pretty much everything that you can do with the full computer version.  Sure, you could use the notepad app to jot notes, but I really like this app much better.

What apps are you loving right now??
Please share, I’m always looking for new games and things!



6 Responses

  1. I loooove the Facebook pages app too!! It’s so nice and easy to update my blog Facebook page using it and I absolutely adore it. Also currently addicted to the game Skyburger. Oh iPhone!!

  2. I loved this post. I just got an i-phone for Christmas and didn’t know about the WordPress app. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I written whole posts on the wordpress app when traveling without my computer. It takes a bit of HTML knowledge but not too bad.

    I am loving Clear and Lift. Clear is a to-do list app that gives me the satisfaction of “crossing” things off with a line through them and fun noise and clearing the entire list.

    Lift is a habit building app. You can join groups of pepole building the same habits. Check in to make sure you are doing the things you want to work on. Nothing is too insane and the charts make me so happy.

    • I just downloaded Clear and Lift last night and I love them both so far!! Thanks so much for the suggestions!

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