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Yarn Love: Pincushion Hat Pattern

So, if you follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram, you probably already know that I’m a knitter.  Since I know that at least a few of you are also knitters and crocheters (as well as food lovers) I thought I’d start sharing some yarn and pattern reviews with you! I’ve made a few patterns in the past couple of years that are definitely favorites worth sharing, so I’ll start with those!  I hope that even if you aren’t a knitter these posts inspire you to be creative in some part of your life – writing, photography, crafting, cake decorating, or whatever else suits your fancy.  For me at least, doing something creative makes me feel happy and accomplished, not to mention it is relaxing and entertaining as well.

On to the review!


One of the first “real” patterns that I knit was this Pincushion Hat.  By “real” I mean that I needed to actually pay attention to each step of the pattern, and the instructions consisted of more than “cast on xx stitches” “knit 36 inches in garter stitch” “bind off loosely.”  Not that a pattern like that wouldn’t make a very nice scarf, it just isn’t very complicated.  So anyways, this hat pattern.  I decided I wanted to make it while I was visiting California a little over a year ago.  My super talented designer/knitter/crocheter friend Leah (aka Ruby Submarine) was working at a yarn shop so a friend and I stopped in to visit her.  While we were there we found some awesome/amazing/beautiful yarn (Knit Collage) that Leah used when developing the pattern for this hat.  Neither of us are expert knitters by any means, but this pattern looked just challenging enough that it would be interesting and we figured we could handle it if we would both there to help each other out. Plus, the beautiful yarn just couldn’t be resisted.


The pattern turned out great!  It was my first time knitting short rows, so that was a bit of a learning experience, but other than that it is pretty straightforward.  Oh, and that beautiful yarn that I couldn’t resist? I love it.  It makes such a simple pattern seem so complicated and fancy.



The yarn that I used is kind of pricey, so you could definitely use a different yarn, it just may not look as pretty.

I really love how warm this hat is, and the texture and striping that the yarn and pattern create.

Ease: Advanced Beginner.  I suggest going online and learning how to knit short rows first, but that really is the most difficult part of the pattern.
Time: About 3 hours.  A good knitting project to do while watching a sporting event.

For more detail about the yarn or needles that I used, check out my project on Ravelry

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  1. I am in love with that hat!! I love all the colors in it. When I see stuff like that, it makes me wish I was a knitter!

  2. ohhhh, kelly! i love it!! 🙂 the colors are perfect!

    i found a new scarf i really want to make, but i don’t have a pattern for it. i’m going to do some searching around & then we really do have to make this knitting date happen.

  3. wow.. that’s creative work from you.. I ‘m not really good in handicraft

  4. […] of my favorite pattern designers is Ruby Submarine.  I mentioned her the last time I talked about knitting, and she is who wrote this pattern as well.  Leah – the lovely lady behind Ruby Submarine […]

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