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Traveling Twosday

Modes of transportation that I will be taking in the next week
1. Airplane – I will be on my way to visit the Capital District of New York at the end of this week!
2. Megabus – From CDNY, I will be traveling in to New York City for a trade show for work.  I love visiting there, so I’m pretty excited about that too!


Furry friends I will get to visit while I am traveling
1. Benson, the lovely cat who lives at THS headquarters and also very strongly resembles Miss Kitty.
2. Butternut Squashington, the dapper pup who belongs to Alicia.

Delicious foods that I will be eating while I’m out of town
1. Savvy Scones! I finally get to try Julie’s delicious scones.  I’ve made them myself using her recipe, but I have a feeling that hers will be much better than what I made.  And I thought mine were delicious, so that is why I am super excited to try hers!
2. Baked by Melissa Cupcakes.  Last year while I was in NYC, I discovered these tiny cupcakes and I will definitely be going back and getting some this year.  I love that they are bite size, colorful, flavorful, and so cute!

Baked By Melissa Cupcakes

 Beverages that I’m hoping to consume lots of while I’m traveling
1. Coconut Water.  I find that it really helps me stay hydrated if I chug that stuff while in airports and on the go.  Because of the whole liquids past security at airports rules though, it makes it a bit tricky because I have to hope that somewhere in the airport sells coconut water.  Some places I’m lucky, others not so much.  The other problem, and I’m sure this no surprise to you, is that I am picky about what kind of coconut water I like.
2. Sangria. You know, for the non-traveling, fun parts of the trip.  In between the sips of coconut water 😉

Blog posts you will see while I am on vacation for the next week
1. Photos.
2 More photos. I’m a fan of my “via iPhone” posts so I’m hoping to get one of those out each day that I’m out of town, but I also never know what the phone/internet availability will be so I’ll do my best.

*Twosday post inspired by Heather *

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