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Project Life Week 6 {February 3 – 9, 2013}

I’m back! After seven days out of town, and a few more to recover and catch up on life, I finally have a normal blog post for you!

I’m a bit behind on my project life posts since I was out of town, but I’m hoping to catch up fairly quickly so that I don’t get to behind on posts.  So week 6 will cover a few days before I left and then the days that I was visiting friends in the Capital District of New York.  I don’t have a photo with the full spread this week because I used two additional pages so I figured it would be easier to just show each page seperately.

The week started out normal with lots of work, and a haircut.  I also included the #28DBC items that I completed this week on this page as well even though I worked on them the whole week.  (I’m a bit behind on the challenge right now but I did manage to do something 5 of 7 days during that week!)  On the bottom right you can also see my crazy early wake up call for my flight….not sure what I was thinking scheduling a flight that left that early!!


The rest of the pages are from my trip to CDNY! The first insert is a Design H, the front and back are shown below.


A couple of details from that page are the huge OMG bubble that is in the Albany airport, some games that we played, and Benson!


The second insert is a Design G.  The front includes a delicious lunch at The Whistling Kettle with Julie, Alicia, and Heather.  It also includes the awesome Mr Coffee Latte machine that Heather has.  That machine makes fancy drinks SO easily.  It is also kind of fascinating to  watch it froth the milk and stream in the coffee. 🙂


And the back includes some more games (I played Euchre for the first time in years!) and some puppies, as well delicious scones that Julie made for us!


And some detail.


The last page is my normal Design A and includes some photos from a #CDNYEatDrinkBlog meetup at J Watts Barista House, as well as some other random things from during the week.


The photo of Alicia and Emily is one of my favorites : )


I had so much fun in CDNY!

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  1. love these pages!! and yes- that photo of Alicia and Em is AWESOME!! [p.s. drop box me your photos sometime?]

  2. oh such a great week of project life! 🙂 i’m jealous of your cdny visit. it looks like you guys had a great time.

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