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Twosday {Recently}

New games that I played with friends in CDNY last week: 
1. Dutch Blitz – A great multi-player card game that involves enough chance that I don’t have to think too hard while playing.
2. Farkle – A dice game similar to Yahtzee, but with simpler scoring and a risk taking element as well.

New games that I played while working in NYC last week: 
1. Snake Oil – a fun party game were you pitch random and strange products to the other players.  The game play is along the lines of Apples to Apples (it is made by the same company, so I suppose that makes sense that the gameplay is similar) but with more player interaction and thinking involved.
2. Clubs – a card game that will be coming out this spring.  It is a trick taking game (similar to Hearts, Spades, Euchre, etc) but the scoring is a bit different and there is a random element to it as well which makes the game more interesting.  I’m definitely looking forward to playing this in the future!

Songs that were replayed many times while traveling last week: 
1. This is the New Year (Glee Version)

2. Us Against the World (Live) – Chris Martin

Foods that I can’t get enough of these days: 
1. Alexia Fries (particularly the Yukon Select and House Cut)  Even though they are frozen, they taste really fresh and with just a bit of added salt they are the perfect addition to a meal.  Maybe not 100% healthy, but better than other choices I could be making as far as frozen foods go.
2. Back to Nature Macaroni & Cheese Dinner. I’ve tried several other brands in an effort to replace my favorite Kraft blue box, and I think I’ve finally found one that is just as delicious with better for me ingredients. Bonus: Back to Nature is based in Madison, WI, so it is a local choice as well!

Packages I’ve mailed recently: 
1. K Cups to my match for the K Cup swap that Danielle is hosting over at It’s A Harleyyyy Life.
2. A few knit hats to Allyson who is gathering them to donate to Gilda’s Club Chicago in honor of a friend.


 Things I’ve recently completed for #28DBC:
1. I’ve done some blog re-arranging, including getting rid of the big ad that used to be a prominent part of my layout.  I’m still undecided as to whether it will be back in some form or not.
2. I signed up for an Amazon Affiliate account.  All that this means is sometimes I might link to things on Amazon and if someone buys them through that link, a small portion of that sale will help support B&Z.  Don’t worry, I will always tell you when I use these links, and I won’t ever link to anything that I don’t completely love. I still have no idea how much I will even use the affiliate links, but we’ll see how things work out.

*Twosday post inspired by Heather *
*Some of these links are Amazon Affiliate links so if you click and buy the product through them you are doing a small part to help keep B&Z up and running. Thanks for all of your support!*

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  1. Love love love that song from Glee!!

  2. HOORAY TWOSDAY!! I want to play those two new games, STAT!

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