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Restaurant Review: Maloney & Porcelli

 Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money, the opinions are completely my own, and I am not being compensated for this post.

Even though I am probably the pickiest person you know when it comes to eating at restaurants, there is one type of restaurant that I almost always find myself going to, a steakhouse.  Though I am kind of picky about my steak (almost all of the time I get a filet, I can handle any fat or bones in my steak), steak is something that I love and especially love to eat when I’m out to eat in a different city.  Steakhouse are pretty easy to find in almost any city, and I’m almost never disappointed in my meal.

When I was in New York City last week, there was a restaurant near the hotel that the person I was with mentioned she had looked up beforehand and thought it might be a good choice for dinner.  At first glance, Maloney & Porcelli sounded like an Italian restaurant, but after doing some more investigation I realized it was steak and seafood type of restaurant I was more excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Italian also, but we already had plans to go to an Italian restaurant later in the week so I was looking for something different.


To start I had a glass of wine, no surprise, I know.


We also got some bread for the table.  The bread was really good – almost like soft pretzel sticks! It came with some kind of butter that I didn’t try because I was told it was horseradish, and I’m not a fan of that.


Before my steak, I got a wedge salad (minus the bacon). It was huge, and delicious!  Something about wedge salads and the creamy dressing goes so well with steak.


Instead of my typical baked potato with my steak, I decided to try the Fried-Herb Tater Tots.  They weren’t as awesome as I was hoping, but they weren’t bad.  The portion was also much more than I needed after I had already had a salad and bread and steak.


And then finally my steak.  The steak was good.  Not the best I’ve ever had, but a well cooked steak.  It was the smaller of the two filet options and it was quite a large portion as well.


Overall the meal was good and the service was good as well.  It was a pretty classic upscale steakhouse.

Taste: A, everything was good but nothing was really fantastic.  Well, the bread was pretty delicious but I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to bread.
Cost: A, it was the typical $50 steak plus more for any extra things that you get.  Considering that the portion size of everything was pretty large, I’d say it was about what I’d expect.

Would I go there again? Eh, probably not.  Since it wasn’t anything super special, I think I’d probably try a different steakhouse next time.

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