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Restaurant Review: The Smith Midtown

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money, the opinions are completely my own, and I am not being compensated for this post.

New York is kind of an overwhelming city, in many ways, but especially in its food choices.  So many restaurants, so many of them delicious, so hard to choose.  It is especially hard when no one in the group has a strong preference about what kind of food they want to eat.  This particular night, the only thing that was required of dinner was that it was close to the hotel and had good food.  Recently, I’ve started to turn to my OpenTable iPhone app when it comes to difficult restaurant decisions.  I can easily search for restaurants close to my location, and I can sort by different cuisines as well. When I am in a busy city (Chicago, NYC, etc) I generally like to make reservations anyways just to make sure that I don’t get stuck waiting hours for my food (or going with a much less exciting option).  So, using these criteria, I chose The Smith Midtown for our last dinner in New York City.

I made a reservation for 5:45pm and I was honestly a little concerned when we got there and it was pretty empty. This is, however, a bit early of a dinner time for New Yorkers so I was happy to see it fill up quickly while we were eating. The restaurant itself was very hip and trendy looking, and it seemed like much of the crowd was locals – always a good sign to see that a restaurant isn’t just a tourist trap!

To start, I got a glass of wine. I can’t decide if I love that it isn’t in a traditional wine glass, or if I think it is kind of weird.  It kind of made me feel like I was drinking juice…


I planned on having pasta for my entree, so I decided to get something besides carbs in my meal and have a salad to start.  I went with the Baby Arugula Salad with parmesan, lemon, and fennel.  It was huge! I think I ate about half of it before deciding I should stop and save room for my entree.  It was good though, the dressing was light and there was tons of shaved parmesan, maybe even a little too much for me.  (I know, how can there be such thing as too much cheese?!)


For my entree I had Ricotta Gnocchi with truffle cream.  It was delicious – and also a huge portion! I’m not sure it was quite as amazing as the ricotta gnocchi that I had at Fresco, but it was still very good.


I’m not sure how I saved room, but when the dessert menu came out, I saw something I couldn’t resist: S’Mores In A Jar. Homemade graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, mighty fine chocolate, and sea salt.  It was sooooo good.  The ratio of the ingredients was perfect, and the jar itself looked adorable.  You can see from the photo below that there were actually two layers of graham cracker crumbs so it wasn’t like you had to take a giant scoop to the bottom to get some.  It seemed like something that could probably be pretty easily made at home so I might just have to give it a try!


Overall the meal was a delicious last dinner for our time in New York City.

Taste: A+, really good from beginning to end.
Cost: A, the salad was $10 which could’ve been a meal in itself so I’d say that considering the portion sizes it was reasonable for NYC!

Would I go there again?  I’m not sure.  I did like how close to our hotel it was, and it was really good food, but there are so many other places to try in New York City it is hard for me to say I would go there again.

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  1. smores are my fave dessert….i love that the restaurant had them in a jar!

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