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Restaurant Review: Pershing Square Cafe

 Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money, the opinions are completely my own and I am not being compensated for this post.

On our last day in New York City, I only had one thing on my to-do list: pick up some Baked By Melissa cupcakes to bring home.  I stopped by their Grand Central Station location to complete that task  (they travel really well and were still delicious when I got them home, by the way) and then we started looking for somewhere to eat a quick lunch before heading to the airport.  We walked around for a bit but were pretty tired from the previous days of walking all over so we headed back over to a little café we spotted while waiting in line for cupcakes: Pershing Square.

The main dining room was very busy when we got there, so we grabbed a seat in the section across from the the bakery cases (I don’t really know what to call that area…)  We were promptly greeted with menus and we placed our drink orders.  I got some hot tea.


I wasn’t really sure what to get to eat, nothing was jumping out at me so I had a hard time making a decision.  (really I just wanted to eat all of the delicious cupcakes that I had just purchase!) After the waitress came back to see if we were ready to order for the second time, I figured I probably should just make a decision.  I went with the wedge salad (minus the bacon) and added chicken.


I didn’t love it.  Dare I say, it tasted too plain?  It was quite a large salad – lots of chicken – but really not much else.  After having that delicious wedge salad with my steak earlier in the week I was hoping for something much more flavorful. My least favorite part of the salad was the dressing…it tasted almost like cole slaw?  Not the creamy, rich, thick, dressing that I was hoping for.

(For what it’s worth, the person that I was with had the crab cakes and very much enjoyed them.)

Overall the food was just ok, but the service was quick! There seemed to be a lot of businesspeople there so I’m guessing they cater more towards that crowd who need a quick lunch.

Taste: B, I’ve had better.
Cost: B-, my salad was $15.00 ($12 plus $3 for the chicken) and I can’t say it was worth it. It was more expensive than the one I had at the steakhouse…

Would I go there again?  Probably not.  The service was great, and other people seemed to like it, but I just didn’t enjoy it.

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