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Project Life Week 7 {February 10-16, 2013}


I finally have week 7 done.  I do enjoy that having this project forced me to actually preserve the memories and trinkets from New York, but man it was time consuming!  Again I used a few different inserts to try and accommodate the many photos that I took.

The first page included my MegaBus journey from CDNY to New York City, which was surprisingly smooth and painless. It also has some random photos from around NYC, like that awesome pug statue that I saw walking by a store.



One of the inserts that I put in was of my cupcake stops at Baked By Melissa and Buttercream Bakeshop.  I didn’t want to cut down the menus, so I just used a pocket insert.  I included some photos of the cupcakes as well and I think it actually turned out pretty cute.


I had a ton of random photos from this trip, and a lot were on my phone.  Instead of printing a bunch of larger photos, I decided to do mostly smaller photos in an effort to not have  a fifty page spread for one week.  This next insert is many of them.


Random side note: You know that LodgeNet television system that many hotels use?  Well, there is an app for that – and it is WAY easier to use than the hotel remote!  (there is a screenshot of the remote app in this spread, so it is not completely random)


Some highlights included a model of the 30 Rockefeller Plaza done in Lego, LOTS of steps on my fitbit, and  finally gettting to do the NBC studios tour – something that we say we will do every time we are there and never seem to time it right to get tickets.


The next insert that I did includes all of the restaurant meals that I ate while I was there.


Some detail – one of my favorite photos I took while in NYC.


And the other side of the insert


And a close up of those s’mores in a jar that I loved so much.


And then the last page of the spread is all about Valentine’s Day, when I finally got home from my travels. It includes a few deconstructed/repurposed v-day cards from various people, and a few other Valentine’s related things.


And some detail. This is the business card on the left is from the etsy shop that the husband bought me a necklace from for Valentine’s Day. I highly recommend! (Just make sure it isn’t time sensitive because it does ship from Poland 🙂 )


And that was week 7! Lots of photos, lots of fun 🙂

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  1. Hi Kelly!
    I’m stopping by to let you know you have been nominated for a Liebster Award! Congratulations!!
    Stop by my blog for all the details: http://jferriswheelof.blogspot.com/2013/02/liebster-award-winner.html
    I am loving your blog!!!

  2. Cute cartoon pug cup holder thingy! Also smores in a jar looks cool!

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