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Project Life Week 8 {February 17-23, 2013}

I’m finally catching up! I’m only one week behind, and I’m hoping to completely catch up this weekend.

Week 8 started with a visit from some family.  I also managed to complete four #28DBC tasks this week! Considering the previous week (while I was traveling) I did pretty much nothing, I’ll take 4 out of 7!


Some detail.  This is the prize that I won from Redpack and The Wannabe Foodie.  The tin that it all came in is bigger than Olive!


I added a small insert this week because we went to dinner at a friend’s house one night, and I wrote a day in the life blog post that I wanted to add to the album as well.


My favorite detail of this insert is this:


The second half of the spread includes a few random things:  Chobani, some hats I knit and donated, Musselman’s applesauce that I recieved for their #AppleSauceInstead campaign, and k-cups that I received from a k-cup exchange.


Probably my favorite piece in this whole spread is this:


I officially love washi tape.

I officially do not love the wood floor background that I’ve been using for these photos. Time to invest in a white sheet! …or something…

Have a great week!

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  1. i take my photos on a tannish painting drop cloth! it was around $7 at home depot. works like a charm!

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