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Project Life Week 9 {February 24 – March 2,2013}

Another week of Project Life! I am all caught up now, and assuming I get the current week’s post up tomorrow I will be back on track with posts.  It feels great to not feel like I have weeks of work to do and can just do it at a leisurely pace again.

Nothing special really for this week.  (Sometimes those are the best weeks)


This week marked the end of the month, which also meant the end of the 28 Day Blog Challenge.  I ended up completing 14/28 tasks, and I’m currently working on a few more.  Even thought I didn’t get in all 28 tasks, I’m happy with the 14 that I did complete and it was definitely worthwhile to do. Katy has talked about doing another challenge and I would definitely encourage you all to join!  Even if I didn’t complete 28 tasks, it definitely made me look harder at what I am doing with my blog.

I also got a sample of some new haircare from Intelligent Nutrients this week.  I’ve been using it since then and love it.   Full review to come!

This week also included a purchase from Lululemon. I had a gift card and found a top that I wanted on sale!  The piece to the left of the tag is a piece of the bag it was shipped in.



This week I did some actual some actual journaling on the pages. (hence the blurriness) Definitely not the norm for me, I’d much rather take photos.


I also included a bit of the paperwork from renewing Olive’s dog license. Kind of boring, but I thought it would be interesting to see how the prices change in the future.  It also is one of the only things I still have to write out a check for!  I guess they are currently working on an online payment program though, it just seems so outdated to write them a check and send a self-addressed stamped envelope!


And yes, I did my nails twice in one week.  I didn’t like the first one as much as I thought I would, it was too orange for me. (Julep Evangeline)  I loooove the second color I did though. (Sephora by OPI Read My Palm)

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  1. ohhhh la la – i love the read my palm nail polish! and yay for being caught up. i’m so close to being caught up – just need to photograph and share like 4 weeks worth of p.l. at least it’s done though! 🙂

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