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Project Life Week 10 {March 3 – 9, 2013}

I’m caught up, hooray!

This week was a pretty normal week, and I was a bit short on photos so I did some washi tape designs to fill a couple of spots. A bunch of random photos on this page, including some boxes I had to unload at work, and the Nuun tablets that I got to sample! (In case you missed it, I reviewed it last week.)


Proof that I am actually reading the book for the #HLBBookClub this month:


Some more random photos on this page as well.  I LOVE the photo of Olive on the top right.  Somehow I got a super close up photo of her without it being blurry. Lots of food photos this week, including the chimichangas and donuts that we made, and yes that is a McDonald’s logo that you see on the bottom left.  I got a Klout perk to try the new Fishy McBites. (they sent me a $5 gift card, the opinions of course are my own)  The husband loves to try all of the new and random things that fast food places come up with so I knew he would want to try these.  He didn’t love them, but he said they weren’t as bad as he thought they could’ve been either.


The star food item of this page is really the Chocolate Shoppe Zanzibar Chocolate ice cream that I had.  I realize it is still snowy outside, but I had been thinking about ice cream all last week so I decided to go get some after work on Friday.  It is my favorite ice cream flavor…probably ever….it is so rich and chocolatey.  In the description it says it tastes like brownie.  I will admit that I was skeptical at first, but it seriously does taste like you are eating a brownie in ice cream form. So delicious.


I am SO much happier with my photos this week.  Even though it is just a boring brown background (courtesy of some random brown fabric I had laying around) it somehow makes all of the difference in how clean the photos look.

Hope you all have a great week!!

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  1. Aww, I miss Chocolate Shoppe!!

  2. that olive photo kills me! so cute!

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