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Product Review: Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Haircare

Full Disclosure: I received this product as a free sample, but the opinions are completely my own and I am not being compensated for this post. 

Lets just add this to the things I never thought I’d say:  I’m doing a product review for haircare.

I realize this blog is primarily about food, but if you look at my Twosday posts, and other random photos and things, there has been more and more fashion/beauty/personal care things popping up.  (ahem.nailpolish.ahem) As much as I like to say I’m not a girly girl…..well, sometimes I am.  I do enjoy going to the salon to get my hair cut, going to the spa to get a massage, and of course manicures and pedicures.  I definitely didn’t grow up a girly girl though.  I was a definitely a tomboy until some time in high school when I started caring a bit more about how I dressed and looked – but even then I still would’ve rather been playing soccer or tennis than doing my makeup every morning.  Even though I didn’t care much for makeup, or fancy dresses though, I did care about my hair.

My mom always went to a “fancy” salon to get her hair done. So, once I started caring, that is where I started going to.  The stylists always loved and hated my hair.  It was always in good shape, and everyone loved that it was bright blonde and hadn’t been dyed, but it is so thick that it often took them more time and energy to cut and style. Fun fact: my up-do for my junior prom took over two hours!

Through high school and most of college I went to the same salon as my mom did.  Once I decided I didn’t want to drive across town just to get my hair cut, I found a stylist on my side of town.  I don’t exactly remember why I decided to go to the stylist that I did, other than it was close to school and work.  The salon that I started going to was an Aveda salon.  I loved that they were very environmentally conscious, the products smelled good, and they were nice people . I’ve been going to that same stylist for about five years now.  (She moved to another salon briefly but ended up coming back to the first one again.)  She knows how to deal with my thick hair, and knows how I generally style it, I totally trust her with my hair and I don’t want to have to try to find someone else and figure that all out again! Ever since I started going to that salon, I’ve used Aveda products in my hair.  And by products I mean 99% of the time it is just shampoo and conditioner. Just as I don’t care to spend a ton of time on my makeup every morning, I don’t want to spend a ton of time on my hair either.


When I got an email from Heidi at Intelligent Nutrients a few weeks ago, I wasn’t exactly looking for new haircare. I was content with what I was using, even though there were things that I wished it did differently, I just didn’t think it was possible to do that with my long, thick, slightly out of control frizzy hair without adding a bunch of extra products to my routine.  I continued reading the email and Heidi talked about how it was certified organic and created by the founder of Aveda – that got my attention. To quote her directly, “It’s no secret we all pay attention to what we eat and the quality of food we put in our body, but what about what we put on our body?”  Well, she has a good point.  I thought it would definitely be worth giving a try, especially since it was created by the founder of my current favorite haircare products.


I am more impressed with this than I thought I would be.  As someone who really doesn’t know much about beauty products I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to tell the difference between the two.  I guess you never know what you are missing until you try new things!

I figured that, at best, it would be as good as the shampoo that I was using.  But I actually think I like it better.  After a few days of using it, I could really tell a difference in my hair. It was much smoother and less frizzy – without adding any extra product or steps in my daily routine! Also – it smells amazing! It might sound a bit ridiculous, but the minty smell of the shampoo and conditioner is a bright spot in my morning and a wonderful added perk.


I am so glad I tried this new haircare!

After I tried it out (and decided I loved it) I went online to check out how much it would cost and compare it to what I normally buy.  I was a bit afraid to look at the price because I know that what I had been using wasn’t exactly cheap, and this was organic and seemed fancier so I imagined it being even higher priced. But it really wasn’t any more expensive. It was only about $1.00 more per bottle than what I had been using. Wow.

So, would I buy this haircare on my own? Well, that is a bit of a dilemma I’m having right now.  The one thing that I like about the Aveda products is that I can just go to my super conveniently located salon (or one of the other many Aveda salons in Madison) and pick some up when I run out.  As far as I can tell, Intelligent Nutrients is only sold at one place in the area, and it is on the complete opposite side of town.  Yes, I realize I could just order the product online, or suck it up and take a trip across town every once in a while, but that would require me planning much farther ahead than I am used to. 🙂   Luckily I have quite a bit of shampoo and conditioner left from the samples that I received so I have some time to make up my mind.

 Do you use “fancy” haircare, or just whatever you happen to have?
Do you think about what is in your beauty products as much as you do your food?

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’m supposed to be getting some as well, though we’ll see if I review it (just because I don’t generally review beauty products). Cost is a big concern for me…right now I’m using Pantene, which seems to be *much* cheaper. But I am trying to “clean up” my beauty products, so it may be a sacrifice I have to make.

    • You’re welcome!

      And you’re right, compared to Pantene it is quite a bit more expensive. But better for your body!

      I’m curious to see if you love it enough to make the switch, even with the price difference.

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