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Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Oh, hey, a recipe review post! It’s been a while, I know.  I do hope to have some actual meal posts in the near future too, but of course desserts are always the first thing that I make with when I decide I am going to focus on cooking/baking real things again.  And by “real” things, I mean something more complicated than boxed macaroni or deli meat sandwiches. 🙂

I’ve had this recipe on my Pinterest Desserts page for a while, and after searching a bit for something, it seemed like just what I wanted to make last weekend. It basically is just chocolate chip cookies, but they are made in a muffin tin (hence the cups) and they use browned butter. Something familiar, with a bit of a challenging twist. The challenge being the browned butter.  I don’t think I’ve ever made anything with browned butter before, and if I have I definitely have not been browning my butter correctly.  I was so happy that this recipe included very specific instructions about how to make browned butter.  Some people might think it was unnecessary to have that in the instructions, but I found it very helpful.  I’m almost positive I would not have cooked the butter long enough if it hadn’t been for the description of the different stages it goes through before it is “browned.”  You can find the recipe here.


Other than the whole browned butter issue, these were not difficult to make.  The rest of the recipe was similar to many other chocolate chip cookie recipes.


They tasted delicious.  Chocolate chip cookies are probably my favorite cookies, and these were no exception.   I’m not sure that the browned butter made a huge difference in the flavor, but I do think it made a difference in the texture of the cookies.  Even though the outsides are slightly crispy, the inside is still super soft and smooth.

And of course, as with many a baked good that I make, the husband topped his off with peanut butter.

Ease: A-, only because of the browned butter – and maybe that isn’t even a big deal of everyone.
Taste: A, yum!  Even better with a scoop of ice cream 🙂

Would I make them again? Yes, I think so!  These would be a really fun and simple dessert to bring to a party.  Maybe even frost them!

Have you made anything with browned butter before?
Can you tell the difference between using regular and browned butter in a recipe?

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  1. Thanks for trying my recipe and for linking back to my site – I appreciate it!

    Glad the browning butter instructions were helpful for you. I’ve learned as a blogger, it’s better to over-explain than under. Glad you enjoyed these! 🙂

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