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Yarn Love: Gitana Hat Pattern

So, if you follow me on PinterestTwitter, or Instagram, you probably already know that I’m a knitter.  Since I know that at least a few of you are also knitters and crocheters (as well as food lovers) I thought I’d start sharing some yarn and pattern reviews with you! I’ve made a few patterns in the past couple of years that are definitely favorites worth sharing, so I’ll start with those!  I hope that even if you aren’t a knitter these posts inspire you to be creative in some part of your life – writing, photography, crafting, cake decorating, or whatever else suits your fancy.  For me at least, doing something creative makes me feel happy and accomplished, not to mention it is relaxing and entertaining as well.

On to the review!


One of my favorite pattern designers is Ruby Submarine.  I mentioned her the last time I talked about knitting, and she is who wrote this pattern as well.  Leah – the lovely lady behind Ruby Submarine – and I actually went to high school together, so I have witness her awesome natural artistic talents in person.  Leah now lives in sunny California, and many of her patterns reflect the warmth that is in the air most of the days there. Unfortunately that means that they are suitable for wearing only about 50% of the days here in not-so-sunny Wisconsin. However, since it is technically Spring now – even though the weather is apparently rebelling – the Gitana Hat is a great pattern to start making for those warmer and sunnier days ahead.  (BONUS: The Gitana Hat pattern is currently 20% off! Use coupon code SPRINGHAT until 3/23/13!)

Knit Hat

This pattern is a bit more difficult than the Pincushion Hat, but still not very hard.  Since it is kind of a loose hat, it knits up quickly, too!

me(apparently awkward instagram self portraits are going to be a regular thing as I model hats that I’ve made. Some day I will learn to use the self timer on my regular camera and maybe  these will get better!)

In California, this probably qualifies as a cold weather hat, in Wisconsin it is more of a Spring/Fall type of hat.  Definitely not warm enough for the cold winter months, but if you aren’t spending a lot of time outside, or it is just a chilly Fall or Spring day, this hat definitely does the trick.

Ease: Advanced Beginner. There are a couple of trickier stitches beyond knit and purl, but nothing super difficult.  Also, it is knit in the round, which is always a plus!
Time: About 3 hours.  It really is a quick knit.  A good project to do while watching a sporting event or relaxing on a weekend.

For more specific information about what yarn and needles I used check out my project on Ravelry.

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