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Product Review: Jellybean WInes

Full Disclosure: I was sent this wine to review, but I am not being compensated for this post and the opinions are completely my own.

I just recently became a wine lover.  I’ve talked about it in the past, but I will say it again: I am not at all a wine expert.  In fact, I know very little about wine at all, aside from the names of a few different types and I am just starting to remember the types of wine that  I tend to enjoy more, and a couple of brand names.  Generally when I am picking wine out at the liquor store, I go for something that has a fun name and/or label and is reasonably priced. Yes, I realize I am kind of a sucker because how the wine bottle looks has no impact on how it tastes.  Some day I will learn more about what makes a “good” wine, other than my personal preference, but that day is not today.

Recently, I was contacted by Jellybean Wines to try some of their wines.  I had never heard of them before, so I headed over to their website to check them out a bit more. They have several different varieties of wine, and they all look interesting and unique, so I decided to give them a try.  All of the wines seem to be on the sweeter side – which is definitely something I prefer – so it seemed likely that I would enjoy them.


Last weekend I tried the Strawberry Parfait Moscato Rosé.  Here is how they describe it: “From the vineyards of Italy, a blend of Moscato and Raboso grapes offering lush notes of strawberry, raspberry, peach, and a hint of effervescence.”  I am generally more of a red wine drinker, but I was in the mood for something lighter, and strawberry is one of my absolute favorite flavors, so I decided to give it a try.  Overall I enjoyed it.  It was definitely on the sweeter side, but not over the top sweet.  If something is named Jellybean you might assume that it is super sweet like a sugary jellybean, but this was not – and I thought that was a good thing.  I do enjoy sweeter wines, but I do not enjoy super sweet beverages that I can only drink a few sips of.  As I was drank it I imagined how refreshing it would be to drink it in the summer sunshine.

One of the details about the packaging that I love, is that they include actual jellybeans to represent the flavors in the bottle!  Added bonus: they are actual Jelly Belly jellybeans!  As far as jellybeans go, those are the best, in my opinion  I am not at all a fan of the classic, generic, waxy, sugary, jellybeans, and I know some people love the Starburst jellybeans, but Jelly Belly’s are still the best in my world.


So, would I buy this wine on my own?  I think so!  I not only qualifies as cute packaging and name, but it was also pretty tasty.  It sells for $9.99 per bottle, so it is inexpensive as well! I’m glad that I tried a type of wine that I don’t normally drink, too.  Now I feel like I at least have one kind of wine that I can pick up if I am buying for friends who aren’t fans of red wine.  (Though it is definitely a sweeter wine, so if you prefer your white wine on the drier side I am still lost.)

I am excited that the people at Jellybean Wines sent me more than one to try, I will definitely bringing one of the other bottles to our family Easter gathering this weekend! Bringing Jellybean wine to Easter? Yeah that is a fun match 🙂

Are you a sweet wine drinker, or do you prefer drier varieties?
Do you generally prefer reds or whites?

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  1. I dont even like Jelly Bellies but I think I’m sold! They’re so pretty! and if they’re on the sweeter side, that’s a definite win in my book!

    • Yes, definitely on the sweeter side! And the packaging is adorable – probably something that I would’ve picked out on my own at the liquor store just because of the cute packaging alone 🙂

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