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Lemon Bundt Cake

When we get together with my side of the family there is always an abundance of food.  My mom loves to cook, and we usually have a pretty good crowd, so she always makes sure we have plenty to fill everyone up.  This year for Easter, I was asked to bring a lemon bundt cake (this recipe).  The recipe looked incredibly easy, and I am a big fan of lemon cake, so it seemed like the best option.   The recipe uses a box cake mix as a base and then adds a few things – a total of five ingredients.

Since it was so easy, I knew it would barely take me any time at all to bake.  However, it also required icing, so that forced me to procrastinate a bit less since I knew it had to have plenty of time to cool before it was frosted.   It was a good thing I started early because of course the first cake didn’t turn out.  I can’t honestly tell you what I did wrong, I greased AND floured the pan per the instructions, but the cake still stuck.  While it still tasted good, it was not so pretty.

So, a trip to the grocery store later, I tried again.  Good news: It came out perfectly! The only thing I really did differently was use baking spray with flour, rather than regular baking spray and flour.  Apparently that really makes a difference!


What can make an already incredibly moist and tasty lemon cake better?  Icing.


I just made a simple thin glaze-like icing to coat the top a bit, nothing too heavy.  (Don’t get too excited and think that I just threw some things together and got icing.  There was a recipe for it along with the cake, I’m not that good!) It was a big hit at the Easter gathering!

Ease: A, I would make it an A- because if the issue with it sticking to the pan, but I think that had more to do with user error than the actual recipe.
Taste: A+, really delicious – especially considering how simple it was! I really love lemon flavored desserts, clearly I need to make them more often.
Would I make it again? Yeah I think so.  Bundt cake alone looks so fancy so it is always a good one to bring to get-togethers.  I also really like how the glaze turned out, and of course how simple it was to make!

Anyone have tips for how to get cake out of a pan without destroying it??

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  1. I have a bundt pan (wedding gift from 5 years ago) and have never used it! This looks delicious so maybe I will finally break it out and try this recipe 🙂

    • You should! This recipe is SO easy. The only thing that is a bit tricky about the bundt pan is that it can get stuck easily because of all of the grooves. I definitely recommend that baking spray with flour to prevent it from sticking.

  2. That looks awesome Kelly!! Nice job. 🙂 My husband loves lemon stuff and I always forget about it for some reason…I’ll have to log that recipe away! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks! I looove lemon flavored desserts, especially when it is warmer outside (someday it will be, right?!!) and you don’t want something super heavy.

  3. That cake looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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