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Frito Snack Mix

I’m not a snack mix kind of girl.  I don’t really like plain granola, or mixed nuts, or puppy chow, or many other snack mixes.  My family, however, loves them.  When I brought Cheesy Italian Seasoned Snack Mix to Thanksgiving last year, multiple people requested the recipe.   So, for Easter, I decided to bring another snack mix – along with the Lemon Bundt Cake.

This Frito Snack Mix recipe was fairly easy.  I didn’t add the nuts because there were people with nut allergies coming, and I didn’t end up adding the M&M’s in the end.  The pieces didn’t break up very easily so what was left was fairly large chunks of hardened sugary snack mix. Sure, adding some chocolate to the mix probably would have done nothing but add more delicious flavor, but I didn’t quite understand how the M’s wouldn’t just fall down to the bottom of the bowl.  Maybe I should have added them earlier, while the mix was a bit warm so they would stick to everything? I don’t know.  The directions said to wait until it was completely cool, so I let it cool completely and then decided it wasn’t going to work well to add them. (recipe here)


The snack mix was definitely a hit – a lot of people love the sweet and salty combination of flavors that this mix brings.

Ease: A, I was concerned a bit about melting and boiling the sugars and butter but it turned out not to be that big of a deal at all.
Taste: A, a solid snack mix – I imagine it would only be better with the addition of M&M’s.
Would I make it again?  Yeah, I think so.  Next time I would try to get those M&M’s in before it completely hardened so that there was a little more to the mix. While it was good, it was kind of boring without anything besides grains in it.

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