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Grilled Cheese Happy Hour

Full Disclosure: I was invited to this event to sample some food for free.  I am not being compensated for this post, and the opinions are completely my own.

Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month?  I didn’t know about this before, but I was pretty excited when I heard about it.  Living in a state known for its cheese, it is pretty hard to not celebrate such a delicious month.  When I got an email asking if I wanted to attend a “Grilled Cheese Happy Hour” put on by Fromagination and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month, I was very excited.  Grilled cheese sandwiches are something that I have loved since I was little.  My sandwiches have grown up over the years (when I was a kid, they were made with white bread and Kraft Singles) but they are still something I enjoy.

Aside from the fact that I enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, I was excited to attend because it was held at Fromagination.  If you are not familiar with it, Fromagination is a super cute artisanal cheese shop in downtown Madison.  Other than an amazing selection of cheeses they also offer cheese “companions” which include things like fruit preserves, cured meats, chocolates, and much more! I don’t get here nearly enough, but when I do I am always amazed by their selection. Oh, and they also have a soup, salad, and sandwich menu as well!


Fromagination is a pretty small shop, so I was curious how they would handle a large group of people taste testing a bunch of different sandwiches.  While it did fill up quickly, I never felt overcrowded.


The menu for this event was pretty amazing.  The food was a little slow to come out at first, but soon enough we were being given multiple sandwiches at a time.  The first thing that I tried was the House Made Beer and Cheese Soup featuring Big Wheel Swiss, and 2-year Cheddar.  (They had it paired with New Glarus Moon Man beer, but I opted to have wine instead.) The soup was good, but didn’t eat too much in order to save room for what was to come!


I wasn’t able to get photos of every single sandwich because I was focused on trying them all instead of taking photos of everything, but I did get photos of some of my favorites!


The “breakfast” course of the menu was definitely one of my favorites.  Stuffed French Toast with Les Fréres and BLiS Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup topped with Mascarpone.  I mean, french toast on its own is pretty delicious, but this version with the mascarpone and that BLiS syrup, holy delicious!


One of my favorite ways to eat grilled cheese (except that I always forget to do this at home for some reason) is with apples.  Most recently, the grilled cheese sandwich that I had while I was in New York last winter. I also am a big fan of dipping apples in fondue cheese.  The version that they served at the event were a bit more fancy: Bandaged Cheddar and Glacial Lakes Cheese with Nutmeg, Black Pepper, and Green Apples. These sandwiches were delicious – and pretty!


I think my favorite sandwich of the night was what you might call a classic grilled cheese sandwich, with cheese and tomato.  But of course this “classic” sandwich is bumped up a notch or two because of the high quality and fancy ingredients involved: Petit Frére with Truffles and Espresso BellaVitano with Fresh Tomato and Honey.  It was so perfect.  I am not a huge fan of tomatoes, but there was the perfect amount in this sandwich so I didn’t mind them at all.


The event finished with a sampling of cookies and Purple Door ice cream.  Unfortunately I was stuffed full of cheese so I didn’t try any, but I’ve heard great things about this ice cream!


Another thing that I think played a big part in the deliciousness of the sandwiches, besides the cheese, was the bread.  The bread that they used was from Batch Bakehouse.  I have never been to the actual bakery, but I have had their products a few different times recently and it is always delicious! This particular bread was the perfect soft middle with crunchy crusts.  So good.


Also worth noting – I tried something new during this event! Prosciutto!  Ok, yes, it was covered in cheese and delicious bread, but I tried it.  And I didn’t hate it.  Success!

There was only one sandwich at the event that I didn’t really try: Holland’s Family Cheese 2013 US Cheese Championship Award Winning Mature Gouda and Blue Cheese with Cayenne Pepper and Kraut.  Yeah not at all my cup of tea.

Thanks to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and Fromagination for for inviting me to the event! I had fun, ate lots of delicious grilled cheese, and even tried something new!

If you are in Madison and interested in trying some of the sandwiches that I mentioned, Fromagination is serving a few of the sandwiches for lunch every day from 11am-2pm!

What do you like on your grilled cheese?
Besides apples, I’m also a fan of the egg and cheese sandwich!

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  1. Wow, I would go to an event like this without hesitation. What’s better than grilled cheese? Looks like a great time!

  2. […] foods that I tried recently: 1. Prosciutto….on a grilled cheese sandwich.  At the Grilled Cheese Happy Hour event last week.  I kind of feel like it only kind of counts because it was covered in cheese, what […]

  3. Grilled cheese – just the classic cheese and bread – is without a doubt my #1 comfort food – like to the point where after my roommate (who was my BFF) left college, I ate grilled cheese for lunch and/or dinner at least 4 days a week for about a month after her departure. Seriously.

    Totally nerdy sidebar, my former boss handles some of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board’s insurance…

    • That TOTALLY sounds like something that I would do/possibly have done. That, macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs, were pretty much my diet for many years.

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  5. Wow–great event! I like pesto on grilled cheese.

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