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101 in 1001 #49 – Watch a Movie in a Theater With Subtitles

I crossed off something on my 101 in 1001 list this week – #49 – Watch a Movie in a Theater with Subtitles!

When I made this goal, I did not have any particular movie in mind.  I guess I just figured that since we live close to the Sundance Cinema, and Madison is a pretty artsy town in general,  something would come up at some point that I’d want to see.  When we decided to go see some movies at the Wisconsin Film Festival last week, I was kind of excited when I realized that all three that we were seeing had subtitles!

The three movies that I saw were Mussels in Love, The Painting (which had an awesome short before it called Kidnapped), and Flicker. All three (four) of them were in foreign languages with subtitles.  I’m not a big reader, and I often like to watch movies to zone out more than anything, so watching movies with subtitles is not super appealing to me.  However, after reading the description of all of these movies ahead of time, they seemed pretty interesting, so I decided to give it a shot.

All of the movies were definitely entertaining, and worth watching.  Flicker was funny, and a similar comedy to Office Space.  The Painting was interesting and fun, but a bit long in parts.  Kidnapped was lots of fun, and very visual, so while the subtitles did help with some funny jokes, it would probably still be entertaining to watch if you didn’t read them. Below is a clip from the short (without subtitles)

The most interesting movie for me though, was Mussels in Love. Maybe it is because I love food, or maybe it is because I love sea-life, either way it was an interesting movie.  The movie talks mostly about how mussels are harvested, as well as how they are prepared, and other uses that they have. It follows the story of a few different mussel harvesting groups (families and individuals) and goes over a few of the different ways that mussels are harvested and how that has changed over time.  I definitely recommend it!

Hooray for another thing crossed off my 101 in 1001 list!

Have you seen a movie in the theater with subtitles?
Did you enjoy it?


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  1. This is such a good idea! I’ve never seen a foreign film in theaters. Definitely stealing this for my next 101 list (which begins in September 2014–I like planning ahead!)

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