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Twosday {Spring!}

Ways it finally feels like Spring in Madison:
1) SUNSHINE.  Though last week was filled with rain and clouds, the past two days have been looking optimistically  full of sunshine.
2) Warmer temperatures! Today is supposed to be the coolest day of the week, but this weekend we might be in the 70’s!

Ways it finally looks like Spring in Madison:
1) Plants are sprouting! I’m glad to see at least some of my outdoor plans survived the winter! Hopefully they sprout quickly, it would be nice to see a little color out there other than the brownish grey, wet, grass.
2) People are outside!  I’ve seen lots of people outside walking, running, biking, playing at parks, etc.  Definitely a sign that warmer weather is finally here!


Foods that make it feel like Spring:
1) Asparagus. I feel like I am seeing it on menus and in grocery stores everywhere right now!
2) Deli meat sandwiches.  They always remind me of warmer days when you don’t feel like eating a heavy meal because you’ve been outside running around all day.

Ways I’m dressing like Spring: 
1) Wearing shoes with no socks! I’m pretty excited about this.  Even if it isn’t quite full on sandal time, just not having my feet be freezing (while wearing socks) all day is a step in the right direction.
2) Less layers!  I mean, I still love layers, but now its more like a tunic and a cardigan rather than a tee shirt, cartigan, sweatshirt, scarf, etc.

Is it feeling like Spring where you are yet??

7 Responses

  1. Spring and all that comes with it is one of my favorite times of the year! Happy Spring to you!

  2. I have this thing I called “last coat day” which is where I force myself to stop wearing my winter coat. My last coat day was right before I left for spring break in march…silly spring I guess! Haha. I’m flying back to Madison from DC tonight and praying its not raining or snowing!

    • I hope you didn’t run into any rain or snow – I didn’t see any here!

      It was really nice this weekend, but you would’ve been quite chilly without a coat today!

  3. I love your optimism! Yesterday felt like Spring, but today was I back in the winter blahs. Your post helped get me out of it. 70, this weekend? I am in!
    Another Madison Spring-Lover,

    • Ugh, yeah today was rough! I sure hope the weather man is right, 60’s and 70’s in the future – and NO rain!! Then I would believe that Spring is finally here for good. 🙂

  4. I can’t WAAIIT to see the temps this weekend!!!

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