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Restaurant Review: Which Wich

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money.  I am not being compensated for this post and the opinions are completely my own. 

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I went to a new sandwich shop in the area, but wasn’t ready to do a full review yet since I didn’t have great photos.  Well, I went there again last weekend so I have a review for you!   Which Wich opened in Middleton a few months ago, and I suppose it says something about the quality if I’ve already been there more than once.  There are several quick service type sandwich shops in the area, so it isn’t like we were desperate for the addition, but it was still a welcome one.


(That is half of a regular sized sandwich in the photo)

The sandwich options at Which Wich are pretty amazing.  I, of course, didn’t reach too far out of the box and just got my usual ham and lettuce (with spinach and oregano!) but the other people that I was with had much different sandwiches. They had the french dip, turkey bacon ranch, shrimp po boy, and grinder.  THe husband has also had their breakfast sandwich (which is served all day) and the gyro.  That should give you a better idea of the variety that they offer.  I’m a big fan of how customizable the sandwiches are, and there is definitely something there for everyone.

The process of picking a sandwich and filling out their order form is a bit overwhelming at first, but I would imagine it gets faster and easier after everyone figures out how it works and there doesn’t always seem to be a crowd at the door trying to figure it all out. To their credit, each time I’ve been in there have always been a person or two helping everyone and making it all go smoothly.

Taste: A, I am a big fan of their bread, and the rest of the sandwich seems tasty and fresh too.
Cost: A, right on par with other sandwich shops.  My sandwich was $5.25.

Would I go there again?  Definitely.  Some day I will branch out and try something new!

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5 Responses

  1. we’ve had Which Wich? for awhile down here, so I can tell you it definitely does get easier and faster, once everyone in the area figures out how it works. it’s a really good concept, very streamlined. they have good cookies too. 😉

    • Oh good! Yeah, we actually went there the first time because it was highly recommended by people that the husband works with who are from the south, apparently there are many of them down there! I also saw that you can order online, so that would be helpful if we were in a rush, too.

      And yeah, my brother had a cookie when we were there the last time and I will definitely be getting one next time I go, it looked really good!

  2. Love Which Wich! I usually get the black bean patty or the chicken pesto…both are great. I’ve also done a salad bowl with spinach and the black bean patty; with added guac it was fabulous!

    • Oooh, Chicken Pesto sounds pretty tasty! I’ve thought about doing the salad bowl too. I love all of the different options that they have!

  3. I still haven’t tried this!
    And last week I saw a car with the license plate Which Wich…

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