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I <3 Monthly Boxes.....a Bestowed Box Review and Giveaway!

Full Disclosure: I was given a Bestowed Box to try and review, and they are providing the giveaway box and coupon code to you.  As always the opinions are completely my own.

If you have been reading this blog for a while….or more than like, a week…you’ve heard me mention at least one monthly box subscription that I have.  Monthly boxes seem to be a huge trend right now, and I am loving it! I love getting mail, and for some reason I feel like knowing that a little gift for myself is coming in the mail prevents me from splurging on other random things.  At first when I heard about these monthly subscriptions, I had only heard them in reference to beauty or food boxes, but now they are so much more. The variety that I currently subscribe to include nail polish, food, eco-friendly products, pop culture inspired products….and most recently, clothing.

When I was contacted by Bestowed to try their monthly box, I had to resist the urge to immediately accept.  I do LOVE monthly boxes, but I also have so many already that I knew it had to be something unique and/or different for me to give it a try.  I checked out their website a bit to find more information.  I really liked that the woman behind this box program, Heather Bauer is a Registered Dietitian, and a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist.  As someone who is always trying to find easier ways to make healthier choices, I was pretty excited that the hands choosing these products would be making the healthy choices for me! Added bonus: Heather graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, my alma mater! So, I decided to give the box a shot.  I am always a bit iffy subscribing to food based boxes, since I am so picky, but since the husband is not nearly as picky as I am, I figured it would all get eaten one way or another.  🙂


Here is how the Bestowed Box works: For $19 per month, (or $209 a year) you get five (or more!) healthy products to try – each one hand picked by Heather Bauer.  She chooses them based on nutritional elements and how they fit in to an overall eating regimen.  Consideration also goes to where the product is made and the packaging that it comes in. Shipping is included in the price, and they are shipped to arrive on the 15th of the month.  Right now they are only shipping within the United States.


The box that I received as a sample was packed with goodies, you definitely get your money’s worth! I really like that overall the products are generally from brands that I have heard of so that if I wanted to eat more of them I could find them at my local grocery store rather than having to order them online, or go to a super specialty store to find them.


My box included eight products, including more than one of a couple of them.  The first one that caught my eye was the $25 iTrain gift card.  Through iTrain you can download a variety of different workout instructions – running, yoga, strength training, and more.  I haven’t downloaded any workouts yet, but I am excited to try some of the treadmill workouts to spice things up when I have to train on the treadmill this winter!


The first thing that I tried was the EBoost, which is a powder you add to water (or another beverage) for a little pick me up, and it is made with all natural ingredients like green tea leaf extract and stevia.  I really had high hopes for this, since I am usually a big fan of pink lemonade, but I just didn’t like the  flavor.  It was so tart that it was hard for me to finish. I would imagine if I added it to a sweeter beverage instead of just plain water it would take a bit of the bitter edge off so I will probably do that with the second packet.


The next thing that I tried was the Happy Family Happy Squeeze Smoothie – the Fruit and Veggie Twist Strawberry, Beet, and Kiwi flavor. I have had squeeze pouch apple sauce before and loved it so I was pretty excited about this. Also, the Berry upBEET Smoothie from Jamba Juice is pretty much my favorite smoothie ever, so I was excited to see a similar combination of flavors in this squeeze pack!  Good news: I loved it. I actually wish that it was larger – more of the size of an actual smoothie I guess – I wanted more! The flavor was really great, not too sweet, pretty strong strawberry and beet flavors with a hint of kiwi.  YUM! I definitely need to find some more of those, it went really well with my lunch at work. I am having a hard time finding them at my local groceries, target, etc, though!!


The husband had some of the Kind Healthy Grains Oats and Honey Clusters granola with his lunch earlier this week.  I’m not a huge granola fan, so I let him have it.  I did try a little bit though, and it was pleasantly sweet! Not super sweet by any means, but it would add a little bit of a sweet crunch to greek yogurt!


Other things that were included in the box that I haven’t tried yet:
Nature’s Bakery Raspberry Fig Bar
– I’m actually pretty excited to try this, it is currently stashed in my purse as an “emergency” snack!
Two single serving packets of Arrowhead Mils Instant Oatmeal – I haven’t had this before, and I’m not a huge oatmeal person, but this is currently at work as an “emergency” lunch option!
A small bar of Green and Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate – I have had this before and I am a fan! I love the small size of this sample too, it is perfect for a little treat!
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts – This was probably the most unique thing that I got in my box.  Though I have heard of hemp, I really had no idea what to do with these until I read more about them on the package. Apparently they are actually seeds and you can use them as toppings on salad, yogurt, and cereal!
Simply Snackin’ Jerky Teriyaki Chicken Breast with Mango and Papaya– So, to be honest, I’m not a fan of dried meat at all.  The husband likes it though, so I’m sure he will enjoy it!  I was pretty excited to see that Simply Snackin’ is made in Wisconsin!


One of my favorite things about this box compared  to others is the information sheet that comes with it.  Most other boxes do include a list of the products that are included, but this one goes a step further by also giving tips and suggestions for how to use the products. For instance, one of their suggestions is to eat the Happy Squeeze Smoothie and a hard boiled egg or two as a breakfast if you are running low on time!


Overall I really liked this box!  The quality and variety of the products they include is great, and I love the extra healthy living tips that are included as well. Would I buy it for $19 per month? I’m on the fence. That is not a bad price for everything that you get in the box, but with food based boxes like this I tend to get backed up with things that take longer for me to try and then my stash gets out of control and I end up donating some things to make room for new.  I think if I did it, it wouldn’t be every single month, but it would be a fun surprise to get in the mail every few months!

I wish that they had a three month or six month program like some of the other boxes have so that you would still get a bit of a discount for buying in advance,  but you don’t have to commit to a whole year. If I was paying a bit less for the box, I wouldn’t feel so bad about possibly donating some of the food that I haven’t eaten every once in a while! That being said, if you feel like you would eat everything in the box every month, you get LOTS of healthy foods to try for $19 a month!

Now for the fun part! Does Bestowed sound like something you might be interested in? Well, I have TWO opportunities for you!

First: A discount code! Use the code 5OFFBESTOWED01 to take $5 off of your Bestowed Box purchase

Second: A Giveaway! Want to win a Bestowed Box? Here’s how! Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. You must live in the United States to win. (sorry international friends!) Giveaway ends next Friday May 17.  I will draw a random winner on May 18 and contact them.  If I do not hear back from them within 48 hours, I will draw a new winner.

The giveaway has ended, check the Rafflecopter widget below to see the winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and have a great weekend!

54 Responses

  1. I got one of those fig bars in a KlutchClub box. They are sooooo good! It’s like a Fig Newton only WAY better!

    • I’m really excited to try it! I’m not a fan of normal fig newtons, but with the added raspberry I am pretty excited about it!

  2. Last new food I tried: scallops. Did not like the texture!

    PS- these boxes are so cool!

    • Where did you have the scallops? I LOVE them – but if they are not done correctly they can definitely have a weird texture. I usually stick to ordering them at fancier restaurants who (hopefully) know how they should be prepared. Some of my favorite scallops ever I had at Sardine a couple of years ago!

  3. Huh, I’ve never heard of iTrain, very interesting! Those squeeze bags always just look like baby food to me. 🙂

    I honestly can’t think of the last new food I tried, but I can think of a drink–coconut water. Was NOT a fan. But I’ve heard that the brand you pick makes a huge difference. Apparently, I picked wrong!

    • I SO agree that the brand of coconut water makes a huge difference. What kind did you try? Coconut water is a bit of an acquired taste in general, but I really like the Vita Coco Pineapple. It is super refreshing in the summer, especially after a run!

  4. Bestowed sounds like an awesome program! The last new food I tried was a plum. I don’t know how I went so long without eating a plum… but I loved it! I try to get a new, different fruit/veggie every week to expand my health food pallet.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had a plum either, I should really try one! Trying a new fruit or veggie every week is a great idea to expand your tastes!

  5. The last new thing I tried was quinoa flour, love it! Great alternative when baking

    • Awesome! I am always afraid of how things will turn out if I use alternative flours, but I know many of them can be much healthier, I should give it a try!

  6. Can it be a food I’m about to try? Spaghetti squash. I had to buy two for my weekly bump pic and plan to use it instead of pasta in a shrimp scampi dish this weekend.

    Oh, I had to buy mangoes for last week’s pics, and while I’ve had frozen mango, I’ve never had fresh. I didn’t just eat it, though; I blended it into a smoothie.

    • That totally counts!

      I’ve never had spaghetti squash, but I’ve heard people rave about it!

  7. The last new thing I tried was coconut oil and i LOVE it!

  8. I plan on trying quinoa this weekend. I found a casserole recipe that uses it as the main ingredient. i bought a bag a week ago and have been trying to find a good recipe to try it out with for the first time!

    • Oooh, fun! I have tried quinoa a few times and I like it when other people make it, but I don’t have good luck making it myself!

  9. I tried homemade banana black walnut ice cream the other day, and I actually really loved it! Even though I don’t usually like nuts.

  10. the other day, at my new favorite dinner/drinks location, The Van Dyke (can’t wait to take you there!!), I ordered a burger that came with pickled onions!! Turns out Pickled Onions are delicious!!

    • Pickled onions sound way out of my comfort zone (duh, I know) but this Van Dyke place sounds like a fun place!

  11. I tried pomegranate seeds… They are still growing on me

    • I really like the flavor or pomegranate, but you’re right, they do take a little bit to get used to the texture of the seeds.

  12. I tried the chocolate cherry cashew Kind Bars. Delicious!

  13. Tate’s Bake Shop raspberry bars.

  14. Last new food I tried was a chickpea burger. It was good!

  15. The last new food I had was seasoned / baked cinnamon and sugar The Perfect Snaque lentils ! who knew they would be soooo good ! I had them in mango greek yogurt and it added crunch and flavors and textures ! amazing!

  16. My husband and I went out on a very fun date night on Friday and I tried lots of new foods! I tried pickled pigs feet for the first time…and maybe the last? Surprisingly it wasn’t terrible, just not something I would choose to order again!

    • Sometimes those things that you’ll probably never try again are the most fun – especially for a date night!

  17. I think the last new thing I tried was Swiss chard. I figured, when in doubt, saute in butter, right? So I did, and yum!

    • Saute in butter is always my go-to option for veggies! Can’t go wrong with butter, and a little garlic 🙂

  18. Newest food – greek yogurt hummus. Totally awesome, and I’d eat it again.

  19. I love trying new foods. The last one I tried was fresh figs. I wish I could grow my own. They are so good.

    • I haven’t ever tried figs, but I’ve eaten them in other bars and things and the flavor and texture is definitely growing on me!

  20. Last night I tried a Calamari Steak for the first time at the Hibachi restaurant. Interesting texture different from friend calamari but I liked it. I think I would order it again.

  21. My brother just had me try voodoo potato chips last night.. AH-MAZING!!!

    • I had never heard of those, but I just looked them up and they look like something my husband would love!

  22. I JUST tried Way Better Snacks Simply Sweeet Potato chips. Fantastic!!

  23. Just tried a cookie dough Quest Bar. Was very tasty and filling too. Thanks!

    • I’ve seen lots of people talking about the cookie dough Quest Bar recently, I really want to try it, it looks delicious!

  24. One of the newest foods I have tried and liked is kale. I love green smoothies but always used spinach bc I had heard kale was bitter. I am in a “Love Your Greens” challenge and new recipes are emailed daily. Yeah for healthy foods & recipes! (I am also VERY picky so I fully get that aspect!!!)

    • I can never get the ratio in green smoothies right, always too much green and not enough fruit! That challenge sounds fun, I bet a new recipe a day would be pretty motivating!

      I haven’t tried kale yet…I’m just coming around to really enjoy spinach though, so maybe soon!

  25. Just tried a drink from my Goodies box called Celsius. Not my favorite…

  26. I just discovered Pop Chips, like them very much!

  27. Had some hemp hearts for the first time – they were a nice addition to my yogurt!

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