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Project Life Week 18 {April 28 – May 4, 2013}

Boy, week 18 was a fun one!

I made a belated birthday treat for the husband – Peanut Butter Bars!

I got my HLB Tea Swap in the mail at the beginning on this week, too! It was from Nicole who blogs at A Wild Hope – thanks Nicole, I can’t wait to try the tea!


We also finally had some warm weather that week!  A solid couple of days with sunshine and 70+ degree temperatures was a welcome change from the cold and rain!


The biggest thing that happened this week was that I finally got a new car! I traded in my old car for a shiny new Honda CR-V! I should probably note, the Scion XB that I had was leased, and the lease was up so that is why it was time for a new car. There was nothing wrong with the Scion, but we just decided a Honda CR-V would be a bit more practical choice, and hopefully be around for a long time! Oh, and we bought it this time instead of leasing…for someone who is not a fan of car shopping, thinking about doing this all over again in three years was not such a happy thought.


Mostly just random things on the other page.  A quote, a card from a friend, and one of my favorite product “nutritional” labels ever from my Chocolate Shoppe Zanzibar ice cream.

The other big thing that happened this week was that I was invited to try the new menu at The Wise! It turned out that Sarah had been asked to try the new dishes as well, so we decided to make it a little date night and invite our husbands along too! I will have a full review up soon, but overall everything was wonderful – food, drinks, service, atmosphere, etc. Stay tuned for that review next week!


Some detail of that fun label:


 Have a great weekend!

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  1. haha, i love that “nutrition label”. so true…

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