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Twosday {New Things}

Movies I watched recently:
1) Iron Man 3.   I think Iron Man is my current favorite superhero movie series.  Robert Downey Jr. is so awesome as Iron Man, and the supporting cast is great as well. I love that the movies are part action, part comedy, part romance.  I’m not sure anything can match the first in the series, but Iron Man 3 was a pretty great movie. Worth seeing in the theater for sure.

2) Silver Linings Playbook.  When this movie first came out I was pretty sure it was just another romantic comedy.  Then it started getting nominated for awards, and then winning awards, and then I heard people raving it and I knew I needed to see it.  So, we rented it last weekend. And, of course, I loved it.  Everyone was really great, especially Jennifer Lawrence.  I definitely recommend this, it is more than your typical romantic comedy that’s for sure!

Products I’m loving:
1) Badger Balm Cocoa Butter Lip Balm*.(Full Disclosure: I received this as part of a FairTrade box I got as a Klout Perk.  I am not being compesated for posting about it and the opinions are my own.) I got this as part of a box filled with Fair Trade goodies from Klout.  I have heard great things about Badger Balm, but this is the first time I’ve tried it.  I wasn’t sure I’d like the Creamy Cocoa flavor that I received, since pretty much every chapstick I own is some sort of minty flavor, but I really like it!  The cocoa flavor is pretty subtle, and the fact that it is so creamy and smooth more than makes up for me not loving the flavor. (I am kind of sad that it is called BADGER Balm and isn’t made in Wisconsin though…)

2) Nuun Tri Berry*.  After the first time that I tried Nuun I set out to try a few other flavors because I really liked the idea of just having to put a tablet in the water so I really wanted to find a flavor that I liked.  I’ve tried a few (they have a TON!) and the one that by far I enjoy the most is the Tri Berry.  It has a very berry flavor and is really tasty….if the stuff wasn’t so expensive I would probably just put it in my water at every meal and drink it like juice.


Knitting projects that I need to get started on:
1) I recently won a giveaway for the yarn that is used to make the NachtFalter top from Holla Knits! I LOVE the top, but I’m afraid it is a bit more advanced than I am.  But I have the yarn….so I should probably just give it a try, right?

2) A good friend of mine is having a baby this Fall and I really need to get started on a knitting project for the little one.  My dilemma: blanket, or sweater? I know that she reads this blog so I’m not going to give away exactly what patterns I am trying to decide between. 🙂

Favorite things about Noodles and Company:
Full Disclosure: Noodles and Company gave me a free meal to try their new asparagus dishes.  I am not being compensated for posting, and the opinions are completely my own.
1) Online ordering! If you ever go to a Noodles during peak hours, you know that the lines can be crazy.  Even though they are fast to get the dishes out, there can still be quite a wait in line if you are in a hurry.  My suggestion?  Get your order to go, and order it online ahead of time. It makes things even quicker!

2) Customization! The thing about being a picky eater is that often times I add or subtract things to my meals to get them the way I want.  Some places make it easier to do this than others.  Noodles makes it very easy.  Even if you order online, you can still add or subtract pretty much whatever you want to your dish.  This most recently helped me when I tried their Garden Pesto Sauté – I got it without the red bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  This left me with gluten-free fusilli noodles, fresh asparagus, feta, and spinach, tossed in a light Genovese pesto. What I was left with tasted good, and very much like spring, but it lacked a little bit of oomph since I took out a bunch of the ingredients.


Events I’m looking forward to this month:
1) I’m going to a co-worker’s wedding this weekend and am very excited! I love weddings. And wedding cake.
2) At the end of the month I am FINALLY going to see Wicked! I love the music already so I can’t wait to see the full show.

Favorite running songs right now:
1) Ten Thousand Hours – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I reeeeeally didn’t want to like Thrift Shop.  But then I heard it a few times and realized how catchy it was. Then I downloaded Can’t Hold Us. and Same Love….and then I ended up downloading the whole rest of their album The Heist.
2) Hall of Fame – The Script feat. will.i.am (I also love the Glee version)

Yes, it was Glee that made me love this song.  It has SUCH a great beat and lyrics to run to!

Happy Twosday!

*Twosday post inspired by Heather *
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  1. I loved Silver Linings Playbook. I didn’t want to watch it. I have enough real life, mental illness drama in my life. I really did love it, though.

    I also love weddings. My husband and I used to go swing dancing all the time in college, but now weddings are the only time we have access to a dance floor. I wish more of my friends would get married, but they are all the cohabitate/we don’t need a piece of paper types, so weddings are few and far between for us.

    • That is true, it is very heavy on the mental illness drama. But it was really well done and well written I thought!

      Yeah, I have very few friends that aren’t already married, or are not in that same we don’t need to get married boat. I mean that’s all good, but can’t we just have a party…to have a party?! Hahaha.

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