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Restaurant Review: Classy Girl Cupcakes

Full Disclosure: I paid for these cupcakes with my own money, the opinions are completely my own, and I am not being compensated for this post.

Even though I was only briefly in Milwaukee last week, I was hoping to pick up some cupcakes while I was there. It is a bit of a tradition for me to bring home some sort of sweets for the husband when I go out of town, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I asked my lovely Twitter friends if they had any suggestions for cupcake places in Milwaukee, and they came back with a couple of suggestions, one of which was just a few blocks away from where I was headed!  (Thanks Kayla!) So, I headed to Classy Girl Cupcakes.

The shop was really cute.  They had several different types of cupcake to choose from as well as cheesecake cupcakes and cupcake push pops! I was temped to get one (or five) of the cheesecake cupcakes, but I wasn’t sure how well they would last sitting in my car for a few hours.  The cupcake push pops, however, I could not resist.  I’d never seen them before so I had to see if they were as awesome as they seemed they would be!

I ended up bringing home two cupcakes and two cake pops for the husband and  I.  When I got home we ate the cupcakes and decided to save the cupcake push pops for another day.


The husband had the peanut butter delight cupcake and I had the lemon pound cake cupcake.  They were good, but not our favorites.  I really liked the flavor of the lemon frosting on my cupcake, but the cake itself was a bit dry.

A couple of days later, we had the cupcake push pops.  I got a lemon and a cookies and cream, we shared both of them.


I never know if cupcakes are supposed to be refrigerated if you aren’t going to eat them right away.  I always refrigerate them….and that may not have been the best choice for these push pops.  The frosting was pretty solidified once we went to eat them, I’m sure they are much better (and easier to eat!) when the frosting is a normal temperature!  That being said, they were pretty tasty! I especially liked the cookies and cream, it tasted almost like the cupcakes were made from Oreos! I really like the idea of these pops, and I wish we would have tried them when they were at a normal temperature.

Taste: A-, not our favorite, but pretty good.  Bonus points for having cheesecake cupcakes and cupcake push pops!
Cost: A, each cupcake was $2.00 and the push pops were each $3.00.  I think that is a great deal for the size and quality of the cupcakes!

Would I go there again? Yeah I think so.  I would really like to try a cupcake push pop while it is fresh, and I’d also like to try a cheesecake cupcake!

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  1. You are welcome!

    Classy Girl did the cupcakes for our wedding. We had the peanut butter delight and the orange creamsicle. Both were yummy, but yes, the cake was a bit dry. I wonder if it’s hit or miss?

    My dad brought us some to sample, and I don’t remember them being dry or crumbly. But we had them at our wedding (sitting out for a bit), and I recall at least my mom saying they were dry.

    Also, I don’t know about refrigeration or countertop (in an airtight container storage). We froze leftovers from our wedding, then thawed (in the fridge) them for our anniversary. We brought them to Milwaukee with us, but forgot to eat them, and they “melted” in the hot car on the way home; we ate them anyway, and they tasted fine, but were definitely a little sloppy!

    • Yeah, so my husband is a big fan of just leaving them out and not refrigerating them, but not knowing if we will be eating them the next day or a few days later makes me want to keep them in the refrigerator to stay fresh – though I don’t really know if that is necessary or not.

      I think in the case of those push pops if I would’ve just planned a bit ahead of time and left them out for a while they would have been as good as fresh.

      It is very hard to find cupcake shops that can keep their cupcakes super moist, so yeah I wonder if the ones that happen to be super moist are just fresher than others, and I just get lucky? Who knows!

  2. Unless it’s cream cheese frosting, I don’t put cupcakes in the refrigerator.

    • Yeah that seems to make sense. But sometimes I wonder about fruit fillings and things like that, if they will go bad if I leave them out for too long.

      Obviously just eating them right away is the solution to the problem! 🙂

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