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Blueberry Muffin CHO Parfait

Last weekend was Mother’s Day.  Each Mother’s Day (er, ok, pretty much any day of  celebration that brings the family together…) we have brunch at my parents house.  We switched up the menu this year since it was a smaller crowd, so of course I was thrown off on what to bring.  My mom requested that delicious lemon cake, and some kind of fruit and/or yogurt dish. I am a big fan of Greek Yogurt (as is much of my family) so I decided I would do some sort of fruit and yogurt parfait.  I probably could’ve just layered some fruit and yogurt in a bowl and called it a day, but I wanted to something a little bit fancier than that.  I shouted out to Twitter for ideas, and of course the wonderful people at Chobani had a recipe that was perfect: Blueberry Muffin CHO Parfait.   The recipe is made to make small single serving parfaits (in super cute mason jars) but since this was for a larger group, I decided to just make one big bowl.


This recipe definitely takes more time than just throwing together some fruit and yogurt, but that is what I was looking for.  The first step is making the muffins (which also use CHO!) and then letting them cool completely before actually putting together the parfait.  I made the muffins the night before and it worked perfectly.


Putting together the parfait is easy, an the result is deliciousness.  Aside from making it into one large parfait instead of a few smaller, the only other thing that I changed was that I used strawberries and raspberries in addition to blueberries that they suggest.  I am not a big fan of plain blueberries so these were really so that I would probably enjoy it more, and to add a bit more substance to the dish.  The thing that really made this parfait stand out as something special was the addition of the torn up muffins.  They were such a great addition, and definitely made it feel more special and almost dessert-like.  And yes, because I know you all are curious, I do enjoy blueberry muffins, just not plain blueberries. 🙂

Ease: A-, it gets a minus next to that A only because you do have to plan ahead a bit to make the muffins, other than that it is a piece of cake!
Taste: A+, really delicious.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Would I make it again?  Absolutely.  This would be a great thing to make to bring to any kind of gathering, for a baby shower, or even just making for your own breakfast!

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  1. It was delicious! All health-and so tasty!

  2. Oh my goodness all of these berries look so delicious and the muffins with them sounds great!!

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