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  • Welcome! My name is Kelly, and I am a picky eater. On this blog I share recipes, new (to me) foods, restaurants, and products that I try in an effort to expand my tastes. You might also find me talking about my pug Olive, Miss Kitty, Project Life, my journey with running, and more! Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

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Weekend Cravings {Creativity}

It’s been a while since I’ve posted Weekend Cravings (a la Katy Love) but I have some for you today!

I am definitely craving some creativity time this weekend!!

– I have way too many weeks of Project Life to catch up on (3, I think?) and I know I say this every weekend, but I would really like to get caught up on those this weekend!


– I also have finally decided what I am doing for that baby knitting project I was debating about before! The yarn is ordered, and it should be here very soon, I cannot wait to start!

– My lawn/garden is finally starting to look decent again….but it still has a ways to go, which seems to be the case every Spring, but I’m working on it. What is so crafty about the garden?

– Does baking count as creativity if I am using someone else’s recipe? That is hopefully going to happen this weekend too…I have so many awesome recipes bookmarked I don’t know where to start!

Have a great weekend!!

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