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Making Running Fun

Now that the snow is (finally) gone, the days are longer, and the weather is warmer, I have very little excuse not to run.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t make up a billion excuses when I don’t feel like running!   There are some things that I have found to help make running – well, wanting to run – a bit easier for me, because it is definitely not always easy.

1) Switch up the music.  Music is very motivating to me….but it can also end up being a distraction.  If my playlist is stale, I have a tendency to skip through songs….to the point where maybe I skip five songs in a row.  It may not seem like a big deal to more seasoned runners, but paying attention to finding the right song for a minute or two is enough to throw me out of a running groove. To prevent that, I always try to keep my music fresh.  I enjoy a wide variety of music, so one of the things that I love to do is look at other people’s playlists and download songs that I think I might enjoy! Some recent playlists that I’ve found:

2) Get new clothing/gear.  I realize it isn’t realistic to have a new piece of running gear or clothing every time I go for a run.  However, when it does happen it definitely inspires me to get out there.  When I have something new to try out on a run, it makes me more likely to run, and more excited about doing it.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either!  I’ve found some great deals on athletic gear at Marshalls/TJ Maxx!  Sometimes even just a new headband or socks are all it takes!  Also, when I buy new gear I really try to use it.  If I am going to buy a shirt or pants that I am more than likely only going to use for running, they better get some use!

Zensah sleeves
3) Sign up for a race.

(Full Disclosure: I was given a free race entry to The Color Run Madison in exchange for posting a coupon code and talking about the race.  As always, all of the opinions are completely my own.)

At the beginning of the new year, after what was likely a long, cold, winter, (for us in Wisconsin at least) I usually have the itch to run and get outside.  (Funny how 50° seems SO warm in March!) However, the novelty wears off after a few runs.  After that I need more motivation because, in all honesty, most of the time I don’t love running.  I mentioned two of the tactics that I use already, the other one is to sign up for a race.  Doing this gives me something to look forward to and it makes me feel like I need to run as part of a “training plan” for the race that I signed up for. (I use the words training plan loosely because I haven’t ever really used a legit training plan, my plan is usually something to the extent of “run twice a week.” Not really much of a plan at all)

Early in 2012, I was kind of stuck in that mindset of wanting to run…but not enough to really do it all that often.  So, I was determined to sign up for a race, I knew it was the only way that I would continue running throughout the summer.  The race had to be a 5k, not too far from me, and it needed to be some sort of beginner race since it would be the first race I had ever run.  I was tipped off by Krista that The Color Run was coming to Chicago.  I looked it up and was immediately interested – it seemed super fun, relaxed atmosphere, AND I would know someone (Krista) who was also running.  Luckily, I signed up soon after I found out about it because it sold out fast! While it wasn’t technically my first race anymore (I ended up running Crazylegs at the last minute) It was my first race that I was prepared for and excited for! You can read my full recap of the race (here) but all in all it was a really fun race.  There were people of every age and ability level running (and walking) and the color aspect as a fun bonus.

CR10-536(Photo courtesy of The Color Run)

Some people criticize these color runs because they aren’t accurately measured (mine was more like 2.8 miles), that you don’t get very much color if you run, they aren’t timed, and that they are too crowded to run without stopping.  All of these things are basically true….but I guess I am not that intense of a runner because none of them bothered me at all.  Yes, I was ecstatic at first when I thought I ran a 3.1 miles in less than 30 minutes….but when I realized from other posts that it was short of an actual 5K distance I wasn’t really all that upset.  The only goals that I had in mind were to have fun, and to finish, and I did both of those.

This year, I am running The Color Run again – but this time it is coming to Madison!!  I’m pretty excited to be able to sleep in my own bed the night before the race, and not worry about a long drive home afterwards.  Are any of my local friends running? Do you want to?? Well, listen (er, read?) up!


The nice people of The Color Run have a coupon code for me to share with you! You can see it in the image above, but just in case your image is wonky, the code is COLORMADISON.  Use that code for $5 off your registration!  If you want to save a bit more money on registration, grab 3 friends and form a team!  If you register as a team of four or more it is automatically $5 cheaper! – combine that with the coupon code and you get $10 of the registration price! Pretty sweet, right?!  (Running as a “team” is really no different than running as an individual except for that group discount. More info here: http://thecolorrun.com/teams/)

Using the code does not guarantee you a spot though, so make sure to sign up ASAP! Head over to The Color Run site, select your city, and sign up!

 How do you get yourself out the door and more excited to run?
I’d love to hear any other tips you have!

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  1. I love #2! Buying new running gear always helps boost my motivation for running. I have also found some great deals at TJMaxx on athletic wear and also find the workout wear at Target to be a guilty pleasure!!

    Also, I am so pumped the color run is coming to madison!

  2. Yes, yes, and YES! All these are things that really got me into running. I NEVER regretted running and I was always glad when something got me out there. I actually miss it a lot (the sickness and sciatic nerve pain have kept me away) and had a dream about running this weekend, haha! I am really hoping most of my Christmas gifts will be running related (new shoes!!!) so post-baby I can really get back into it and lose all the baby weight and get back to great shape!!! Wish I was able to run the Color Run with you!!!!

    • Yes, you were running so much before baby, hopefully you can get back into it again when baby comes!

      Maybe we can run/jog/walk together when I am down there in January?!

  3. I just did a color run recently and it was so much fun. I will definitely be racing it again next year!

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  5. […] One of the best ways to stay motivated to run is to sign up for a race. Working towards a goal is a great way to make running more exciting and fun.  Have you ever thought about running  The Color Run?  Kelly over at Brownies and Zucchini ran it last year and had so much fun that she is running it again this year! She even has a coupon code on her blog for $5 off registration! Check it out: http://www.browniesandzucchini.com/2013/05/27/making-running-fun/ […]

  6. Hey Kelly!

    We’re glad you enjoyed our Girl on Fire mix! It’s great to know that our mix helps you stay motivated during your runs!

    – Stefanie @ RockMyRun

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