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Restaurant Review: Cherry Berry Yogurt Bar

Full Disclosure: I paid for this froyo with my own money, I am not being compensated for this post, and the opinions are completely my own.

For some reason, the weather thinks that it is March….or maybe October.  Either way, it is definitely not Spring/Summer weather around here.  The past couple of days have been in the low 60’s, overcast and/or rain.  Not warm summery weather that’s for sure!  Living in Wisconsin though, we often get this mess of seasons all year round.  Sure, there are times when it is sweltering hot (or freezing cold) for weeks at a time, but often it fluctuates quite a bit within each season and we’ve just come to realize that we might need our Winter coat in June, or sundresses in October, depending on the year.   The good thing about these weird weather patterns I suppose is that there is no waiting until it gets warm and sunny out to get the summery foods that we all love, like frozen yogurt.

Last year two (or maybe more?) Cherry Berry Yogurt Bars opened in the Madison area.  I’m not sure how it took me this long to make it to one of them, but I finally went!


The are a pay-by-weight type of place, and fairly similar to others that I’ve been to. I was kind of bummed that they didn’t have the original tart flavor that I love, but they had a pretty good variety otherwise.  I ended up going with the Honey Vanilla Greek flavor frozen yogurt which was good, but I’m still a fan of the tart flavors over the sweet.  They had a huge selection of toppings, some of which were in dispensers rather than spooning them on.  My froyo had fresh strawberries, strawberry boba, sour worms, and gummi bears.  The sour worms didn’t work so well, they got pretty hard in the cold, but everything else was delicious!!

Taste: A, pretty tasty even though I would’ve preferred the classic tart flavor.
Cost: A, pretty similarly priced to other self serve froyo places.

Would I go there again? Yes.  One thing that I noticed as I was walking out was that they have dividers for the containers! I’ve never seen those anywhere else and since I’m weird about mixing flavors together sometimes I like the idea of having a chocolatey size and a tart side.

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