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Twosday {#SSChallenge}

I talked about the Super Summer challenge a bit in my last Twosday post, but today I thought I dedicate a whole post to talk about some of the things that I have/haven’t been doing since it is now over a week into the challenge.  I kept the points list essentially the same as the suggested list that Cassie put together, I just added a few other small things.

Things that are super easy for me and I do pretty much daily:
1) 10 body points – Have a meatless meal.  While I am not a full-on vegetarian, I definitely lean more towards meatless foods – especially for breakfast and lunches.
2) 10 mind points – #FMSphotoaday.  I really wanted to stay on top of the photo-a-day thing this time around, so I decided to give myself 10 points for each day that I complete the prompt.  So far so good! (Check out my Instagram to see my photos!)

Things that are on my points list but I don’t see myself ever doing:
1) 500 mind points – go without social media for a day.  I think I would have to be stranded on a desert island or something for this to happen.  I just love social media too much to be away for that long.
2) 500 body points – walk 20,000 steps in a day.  An average day for me is about 8-9,000 steps.  My highest days have been around 12-15,000 steps.  I just can’t imagine walking more than I did on those days! I will be training for (and running) a 10K at the end of summer though, so maybe that will boost my total steps up that high?

Highest points items I’ve completed in the Mind category:
1) 100 points – go out to eat.  The husband and I went to The Melting Pot for dinner last Saturday.  SO GOOD.
2) 75 points – do a craft project.  I’m in the process of knitting a baby gift, and of course working on Project Life, so this actually gets tallied a few times a week!

Highest points items I’ve completed in the Body category:
1) 75 points – run a mile.  With this whole “I need to actually follow a training plan to run a 10k” mentality that I now have, I have been running more consistently, which means more miles! (note: I only count the points for the first mile that I run if I am running multiple miles because really I’m a walk/run kinda girl and it usually is only that first mile that I really am running the entire thing.)
2) 25 points – try a new-to-me fruit or veggie. Last week I was at the grocery store searching for a beverage to go with my lunch and I came across Raaw Foods Very Berry Wheatgrass.  I was a little scared because I’d never had wheatgrass before and I kind of imagine it tasting like dirt, but luckily the berry flavor overpowered whatever flavor wheatgrass has  and it was actually pretty tasty! (Yes, I realize this is a beverage and not an actual fruit or veggie, but it is made of fruit and veggies so I counted it anyways!)


Total points as of yesterday:
1) Mind: 1295
2) Body: 870

Things I have realized while tracking my #supersummer points each night:
1) Mind points are WAY easier for me to rack up than body points.  Not so much that I feel like I need to adjust my point levels though, there are still days that I struggle to get those too.
2) I never keep track of how many calories I burn during a workout.  There are points that can be earned for certain numbers of calories burned, and it made me realize that I don’t really ever keep track of that.  Is that weird? After that realization, I noticed that it does show calories burned on my runkeeper app – maybe I should start keeping better track?


*Twosday post inspired by Heather *

10 Responses

  1. Mind points are definitely way easier to accumulate than body points… I’m trying to figure how to redo my points so it’s more balanced. Good luck sticking to supersummer!

  2. Great post! I really like that you combine both mind and body goals. I usually just focus on my fitness goals, but I think it would be good for me to look at some “mind” type goals as well.

    I’ve been tracking my steps per day too as part of a wellness contest at work. The only time I hit over 20K was the day I ran my Half Marathon! Now I’m training for a 10K and averaging around 10K a day, and that feels much more realistic to maintain.

  3. Way to go in the #sschallenge! I’m finding the opposite true for me so far. I’ve had more body point than mind points almost every day. I have tried 3 new foods, which I have as 100 mind & body, so that has helped me keep my points up (and is making my husband very happy!).

    • Good for you for trying 3 new foods – and that is a good idea to put them on both mind and body, I might have to do that! What foods did you try??

  4. Just butting in for a little unsolicited advice, which you can take or leave.

    As far as running a mile within your workout. It will feel easier if it isn’t the first mile. If you run/walk your first mile, you’ll be better warmed up and able to sustain your full-out run for longer. I know it is hard because we get all excited-puppy, but you will make more progress as a runner (and probably love it more) if your first mile is the slowest in your run.

    Again, just a thought. Take it or leave it.

    • That is actually a really good point, Krissie! And that excited-puppy feeling is right on. I’ll have to work on that when I run tonight. Thanks!!

  5. I’ve consistently been earning more body points than mind – which probably means I should really be focusing on trying to earn those mind points!

    Honestly, I don’t think there’s any need to keep track of calories burned during a workout unless you’re either a) trying to lose weight and need to know what you’re burning vs what you’re taking in or b) working out like crazy where you could possibly end up not eating enough for the amount of calories you’re burning.

    • Thats what I figured with the calories. I’ve tried to track calories in the past and it pretty much immediately turned into a stressed out disaster. So yeah, since I’m not trying to lose weight, and there is no way I’m burning more calories than I’m consuming, I don’t think I’ll worry about it.

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