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Twosday {Olive’s Favorites}

Happy Twosday!

Olive is taking over the blog today to share with you some of her favorite and least favorite things!


Favorite snacks:
1) Cheese, really any kind.  Shredded, sliced, cheesy noodles, cream cheese, pretty much anything that looks and smells like cheese.
2) Peanut Butter.  This one is a real treat because Kelly doesn’t like the smell (or taste) of peanut butter so she avoids it if she can even though she knows that I really like it.  Clearly I am deprived.

Least favorite snacks: 
1) Carrots.  You mean these aren’t just orange colored bones to shred to pieces? Oh.
2) Greens.  Do people really eat these things? Like, without cheese or any other delicious flavor on them?  I’d rather have kibbles.

Favorite car rides:
1) Almost every time that we go in the car, we go to Kelly’s parents house on the other side of town.  And it is the best.  There are always super cool people there who give me lots of ear scratches and lots of cheeses.
2) Sometimes I get to go to this place where there are lots of fun dog friends – even some of them are pugs! There are also lots of people there who I think really like me and they always say they are happy to see me.  Man that place is fun, but it tires me out!  Its a rough life I have.

Favorite toys:
1) Giraffe. I have had Giraffe since I was a teeny puppy.  He is my favorite.  I like to bit him in the face and play tug with him.
2) Puppy.  I used to really like puppy because he had eyeballs and then I chewed on them and that was really fun and then they were gone.  🙁  But I still bite his face and play with him sometimes so I guess he’s ok still.


Favorite words:
1) Cheese.  Um, duh.  It is my favorite food of all times.
2) Go.  Because it means we are leaving and getting in the car and going somewhere and it will be lots of fun and I will get treats.

Least favorite noises: 
2) Motorcycles. I really like don’t like motorcycle noises because it sounds like they are going really fast but I can’t chase them. 🙁

Favorite activities:
1) Sleeping.  Especially on the big bed. I could stay in there foreverrrr.
2) Trying to play with Miss Kitty.  I just don’t understand that cat.

Least favorite activities:
1) Going to the vet. Does anyone really like getting a check up or having their nails trimmed?  I didn’t think so.  Sometimes I get fooled because the people there like to give me pets and ear scratches but then they start to poke at me.  And plus sometimes they tell Kelly that I can’t have any more treats and that makes me super sad.
2) Going on walks.  I mean, I like being outside and sniffing all of the things, but why must we go all speedy?  Why can’t I just take a leisurely three hour stroll around the block?


*Twosday post inspired by Heather *

6 Responses

  1. haha this is too funny! Maddie’s favorite word has to be “walk”. She freaks when I mention it!

    • I know a lot of dogs that that is the case for! Olive clearly isn’t normal because you can say that as much as you’d like and she could care less! Just don’t say the word “go” then she will flip out!

  2. Best.Twosday.Ever!

  3. Oh my goodness…I love her so much! She is simply adorable!!

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