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Project Life Week 23 {June 2 – 8, 2013}

Again I’m behind on my project life posts, but hopefully I will be caught up soon so that I don’t hit the point of no return! I realize it might be easier to finish if I didn’t blog about each week’s spread, but it helps me keep accountable and on top of things so I think I will continue to do it.  Really photographing it and writing the blog post don’t make the process too much longer.


The first full week of June!

The first half of the spread includes National Running Day! I ran on National Running Day for the first time possibly ever.  Ok, I guess I probably had some kind of sport or sport practice going on that day when I was younger, but it wasn’t really concentrated on running.

This page also includes a bunch of other random photos, and a Klout perk that I got to try the new Egg White breakfast sandwich at McDonalds.  (Full disclosure: I got it for free but am not being compensated for talking about it and the opinions are my own.) I’m actually a big fan of their normal bagel sandwich so I figured I’d give the egg whites a try.  I liked them – they did taste more “real” than the normal egg, but I prefer the flavor of the regular yellow cheese to the white cheddar.


Some detail


I got another Stitch Fix (Affiliate link) this week! This is the second time I got a fix, and again I forgot to photograph all of the things that I received. Ooops.  I ended up keeping a Mystree Striped Jersey Skirt, but there were a couple other things that I was on the fence about but didn’t buy because they either didn’t fit quite right or were too pricey.  I love the skirt that I got though and have worn it a few times already! One of the things that I really like is that with each piece of clothing they included a mini styling guide so that you know the possibilities of the piece! I am skipping the July shipment and will be getting another one in August, can’t wait to see what I get to choose from!

This page also includes a few more random photos, a dinner out to The Melting Pot with the husband, and a new fruit beverage that I tried!  It is the Very Berry Wheatgrass Raaw Juice and is really tasty!


Some detail of the Stitch Fix style sheet.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. ahh, project life catch up. i only have to print 4 more weeks and actually put together the layouts for 6 more and i’ll be caught up! i’ve already finished 6 layouts this weekend, so i’m hoping i’ll just get them all done!

    i’m so tempted by stitchfix, but i’m kind of afraid i’d want everything and end up spending way too much $$.

    • Yes, Stitchfix would definitely be WAY expensive if I couldn’t control myself and only choose the one thing I like the most in the box…which is partially why I’m not getting another one until August. But it is really fun, and I really like that someone else is picking things out for me and they aren’t often things I would pick out for myself!

  2. I used that quote in my spread for that week too!

    • Too funny! I really like the Real Simple daily quotes. They aren’t always super awesome, but they are usually pretty good!

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