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Twosday {Project Life}

Things I love about Project Life:
1) I love that I can flip back a month or two (and eventually hopefully years) and see what was going on in my life.
2) I love that I have something to immediately to do with all of the “things” I pick up here and there.  Coasters, hotel keys, fun clothing tags, etc.  They no longer are just sitting in a box waiting for me to do something with them.

Things that sometimes annoy me about Project Life: 
1) Printer ink is expensive and seems to never last as long as I think it will.  Yes, I realize that I could have my photos printed somewhere else, but it just is easier for me to print them at home so that I can work on the spread right away rather than waiting for the prints to be ready.  That is the price I pay for convenience I guess!
2) When I don’t have enough to fill the pages.  Every now and then there is a week where I don’t take many photos and there isn’t much that went on.  Trying to fill an empty slot or two is no big deal.  Trying to fill five or six is not so easy to do while still making it look like like a semi-cohesive page.


Popular colors throughout my Project Life spreads:
1) Blue
2) Yellow

Most used stamps:
2) THIS – both of these stamps are from Elise Blaha, and I love them.  (Her shop is temporarily closed at the moment because she just had a baby)

Most used washi tape:
1) Freckled Fawn Arrow
2) Mint and Red Hearts …coincidentally these are some of the first washi tape that I bought and of course I’ve bought many more since that I love also, they just don’t get as much use as these two.


 Most used types of cards:
1) Quotes.  I loooove quotes. I try to incorporate at least one in every spread.
2) Instagram photos.  Even on weeks when I feel like I have taken zero “real camera” photos, it is almost guaranteed that I have taken an Instagram photo or two. Usually they are of Olive, or Miss Kitty, or food, but I’m ok with that.

Other Project Life related things:
1) It is now being sold at Archivers!!  Yes, I have already been to my local store to check it out and I can tell already that it is going to be dangerous.  (Even more than going to Archivers already was!) It is also available at some Michaels stores, but I haven’t been to the local stores yet to see if it is there or not.
2) My first binder is getting pretty full so I decided to split the year into (at least) two binders.  I figured halfway through the year would be a good cutoff point, so I will start the new binder at the beginning of July.

Oh, and also:
1) I still really want the monthly Studio Calico kits. They are so cute, but really I don’t NEED more resources.  Project Life is supposed to be all about simplicity, and buying all kinds of things that I may or may not use kind of defeats that purpose I suppose…
2) My favorite layouts to do are those that involve vacations.  These are also the ones that take me the longest to do because they have so many more photos and things I want to include.


*Twosday post inspired by Heather *

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  1. several things.

    1. our local michaels do NOT have project life yet – at least according to the list that becky higgins posted on her blog.

    2. i totally agree with you. i kind of HATE weeks when i don’t take enough photos.

    3. like you, many (most?) of my photos are of my furry babies or food.

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