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Twosday {Miss Kitty’s Favorites}

Well, Olive had her turn to hijack Twosday a couple of weeks ago, now Miss Kitty wants a turn. Here are some of Miss Kitty’s favorite and least favorite things!


 Favorite things to watch out the window:
1) Birds
2) Chipmunks

Favorite treats:
1) Chicken.
2) Pretty much anything, especially if you are also giving some to Olive, too.

Least favorite things:
1) When I run out of food in the middle of the night and no one understands that it is an emergency and they need to get out of bed and feed me.
2) When I get locked in the basement all day. What are you doing without me?! My food is upstairs!!

Favorite things:
1) Being as close to people as possible, especially when they are sitting on the couch.
2) Sleeping.  Preferably on piles of random things, cat beds are for suckers.


 Favorite toys:
1) Catnip Floppy Fish Bones. I love to lick it and then I kind of go crazy.
2) Bags. Paper or plastic.  Particularly anything that has a crinkly noise and is slightly too small for me to actually fit in.

Favorite times of day:
1) First thing in the morning when I get fresh water.
2) When Olive comes inside from going potty.  Then I get treats.  Er, I mean, she gets treats.  I totally just greet her at the door and follow her into the kitchen because I love her.

*Twosday post inspired by Heather *

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