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Product Review: Chef Sleeve

A few months ago I got some Chef Sleeve iPhone covers in one of my Conscious Box shipments. When I received them, I immediately thought about how helpful they would be to protect my phone while running the color races that I had planned for the year!  When I ran The Color Run last weekend, I put one to the test!


Pro: It fit my iPhone 4S tightly so I could still clearly see the screen and use all of the buttons and touch screen with no problems.  I could barely tell that there was plastic between my fingers and the phone.

Con: It was so snug of a fit that I had to take off my case to get it to fit in the sleeve. The sleeves are meant to be for specific devices, but I didn’t think it would be that tight!  I guess I got lucky that the iPhone 4/4S version was what came in my box – it definitely wouldn’t have fit any phone that is different dimensions. It looks like as of right now they only make sleeves to fit the older model iPhones, iPad, and Kindle, but maybe they will come out with ones that fit other phone models soon?

Pro: It kept my phone clean and dry through the color and rain.  I ran with it in my hand (as I always do) and I was actually more concerned about the rain getting in more than the color.  It only started to seem like some might be getting inside after I had it out for a bit after the race taking photos with my dirty hands.  When I got home and was clean again I opened it up and didn’t find any color on my phone and it was completely dry.

Con: They are sold in packs of 25 for $19.99.  I suppose if I was using them to protect my phone from something that I did more often, like cooking or baking, it might be useful to have 25, but that seems like a lot to buy at once for color run protection. The ones that I got came as part of a monthly box thing, so they didn’t cost that much by themselves. I thought about bringing a couple for my friends who were running the race with me, but neither of them have an iPhone, so they wouldn’t have fit!  Maybe I would go in with a group of people to buy them if we were all running and had iPhones, but I don’t think I would pay that much for them just to use one or two of them.

Overall it was very functional and handy for running in the rain and color, but I just wish it came in smaller packs!

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