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Project Life Week 26 {June 23-29, 2013}

Week 26!

The week started with brunch at Bluephies! My brother and his girlfriend were still in town so we decided to do brunch with some relatives.  Yes, the photo below is of a Bloody Mary loaded with tons of things (they have a bunch of super unique breakfast drinks on the menu) no, it was not mine.  I just had the simple (but delicious) mimosa that you can see in the background.

I also got some PuraVida bracelets in the mail this week.  I found a Living Social deal for $15 for $30 and ordered a few with it.  I was actually pretty impressed with the quality, and they donate to several different charities for different bracelets including 1% For the Planet and The Surfrider Foundation.


Some detail


This week also was the THREE YEAR anniversary of my starting a blog! Craziness.

Another less than exciting thing that we had done this week was had a bunch of trees in our yard cut down.  It does look better without dead and dying trees, and yes we did get a professional to do it, but it was still a big project!


The big event this week was The Color Run!   It was lots of fun, and I had quite a few photos, so I gave it its own insert.


Some detail


It was a fun time.  Thanks again to my husband and Stina for coming out to watch and take photos!


Some detail


Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That “after” photo just makes me smile every time I see it.

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