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#YelpsBigBite – Cheesy Does It

Full Disclosure: This event was free and put on by Yelp.  I am in no way being compensated for this post, and the opinions are completely my own. Yelp events are not at all blog related, and in fact, anyone can qualify to be Yelp Elite and get to go to some pretty cool events.  I just decided to blog about this one because it seemed like something you all would want to hear about.  Check out your local Yelp page for more info!

During the month of July, our local Yelp chapter is hosting a bunch of different pizza related events around town as part of Yelp’s Big Bite!  (I know a few are already full, but there are many that still have room so if you are in the Madison area, check out the link!) Last week, they hosted the first event at Luigi’s.  I have been to Luigi’s before for their delicious pizza (and garlic knots) but this special event was more than just pizza.  They set up a mozzarella making demonstration! Mozzarella is possibly my favorite kind of cheese so I was super pumped about this event.


Chef Jon took us step by step through the process of making the cheese, which I’ve never made before so it was pretty interesting. They also sent us home with cheese making instructions, so some day I could even make it myself!


Along with the mozzarella demo, we also got to sample some appetizers and pizza.  They were all pretty delicious!  My favorite appetizer was the Rosemary-Infused Homemade Mozzarella Caprese Skewers.  I love fresh mozzarella, but it is even better when balsamic and basil are added!


My favorite pizza was by far the Truffle pizza.  It was SO good.  The truffle oil made it taste very fancy and unique, and the white sauce kept it light.  Probably not something I would ever choose on my own, but really delicious!

Oh, and there was sangria, too! I am usually a red girl, but the peach sangria was actually my favorite. (the red sangria is pictured)


As with all of the Yelp sponsored events that I’ve been to, it was lots of fun! The staff was great, the other yelpers there were fun, and the food and activities were wonderful as well.  Added bonus: they sent us all home with some fresh mozzarella! Thanks to Corey and everyone else who helped make the first #Yelpsbigbite event awesome!

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  1. what a great yelp event theme! I love pizza. We have a big yelp party at an urban pool here tomorrow that I am sure will be awesome

  2. […] about this one because it seemed like something you all would want to hear about.  Check out your local Yelp page for more […]

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